The Lincoln Loco – Big Strong United And Up To The Task

Fact: Simmo’s Six-foot Sincil Soldiers will be no mugs next year. The Imps look likely to be a young but physically and mentally strong unit, with The Bank becoming a place few opponents will relish visiting.  Come on fellow Imps – Bring it on, begone failure, find your faith and make those turnstiles click because Sincil Bank’s bouncing back! The whistle has blown, the Lincoln Loco is at the station the time is now, heed the call – all aboard!

Thankyou for reading Neil Gentleman-Hobbs (who knows they may yet allow me to see my team at home)

Lincoln City F.C. badge.png

The manager is looking to bring in younger players that he can work with as well as some that he knows. Where we lacked leaders and men at times last year, next will see some wise heads on young shoulders with the desire to build their careers at Lincoln. Therefore although the optimum age range will be 20-25, expect a couple of surprises, to insure the Imps are intimidated by no-one next term.

Not everyone will be over six-foot of course, although, if Simmo could get a League approved growth hormone for Power and Sheridan, you just know he would. But then we would not live up to our nickname without the odd diminutive Imp in the side. The fans will as ever play the biggest part. Belief and parting with our hard earned on blind faith is so key however.

STMI urge all Lincoln fans to help make the dream happen. You and your season ticket money, six-pack or cash admission on the day will make the difference. Do it, spread the word, even if this season is the last chance you are prepared to give the mighty Imps.  Because this is a Graham Taylor and Murph moment.  Your unselfish decision to put your money where your mouth is will fund a team to make Lincoln proud, one that will put us back on the football map.  Ultimately it is us alone who will give the manager the budget to get our League place back. No one has returned to the League more than Lincoln City.  We are the longest serving League club never to have been in the top flight.

But it is not a birthright, it will take the manager, the team and the fans to do it.  Allegedly the Chairman is having to cough up another 50 grand or so over the summer to prop us up.  We must respond, whether you trust or like him or not, together we form a positive groundswell. Come on pave the way, keep the faith, because if we get off to a decent start the Imps will continue to return.  For every thousand on the average, the club will see £276,000 in the bank.  If the Imps are there or thereabouts we could easily see  3,500-4,000 gates, potentially doubling that £400,000 budget. And with a manager that can turn water into wine, the future is bright – the future is red and white.


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