To The Battle Of Kenilworth Road Then!

John Still may have read the riot act to his Hatters, but Simmo’s six-foot soldiers see this as just another big stride, in a momentous march, that has seen our football club come back from the brink.  With a staggering 53 points needed for safety this season, the Imps have got all of the points we were expecting (thankfully more) in the bag. The pressure is on the Hatters ahead of the Battle of Kenilworth Road.  That 5-1 defeat at Gateshead has certainly spiced this one up, but will the Hatters and their, until now fantastic home support, keep the faith and come out fighting?  It makes our task harder, but win lose or draw tonight, keep the faith fellow Imps, keep the faith.

Luton Town F.C. badge  Lincoln City F.C. badge.png

Tuesday  9th April K.O 19:45 pm


Away Fans PricingU8′s FREE Adults £18  Cons £13
U16 £8U10′s £5  Oak Road Stand (Cap 1500)

Concessions apply to Over 65′s and those under 22 years of age


Saturday and tonight were always going to be two games we would struggle in. But even a point from those two and a win against Tamworth, would see us a point better than the 53 point revised target the manager sees as the finishing line.  Lawless is also back for the Hatters, so if we let them play they will murder us, such is their quality and strength in depth.  Beware The Hatters, for they be a wounded beast, playing for their footballing futures. Their contracts are laden with gold compared to our lads, who comparably play for the shirt at £350 quid a week.  But our lads want contracts too. These Imps have a loyalty and belief in Simmo that will be sorely tested by the 44 week deals, that mean no pay from May until training starts in July.

The four point target does not mean Simmo’s six-foot soldiers will roll over on a big basement battle night that could see many Imps and fellow fans breaking sweat.  But with Tamworth such a key game, let us not give up, should Luton, as expected, positively react, to the pressure tonight.  Yet the Mighty Imps will fancy at least a point and be going for more, as this side has fight and a one for all and all for one belief that our club is on the way back. Who knows, there could even be a Luton lad, set to miss out tonight, that could be one of the many that flock to Impdom when the transfer window opens. But for that we will have to stay up and take each game at a time.

So good luck lads, will be thinking of you as ever, during a 12 hour shift. A 1-0 win makes it go like the blink of an eye.  Will do the match report tomorrow morning, before hopefully dreaming the dreams of an optimistic Imp. For the Imps that are going, remember, 200 in fine voice in that away end can make a massive noise. Remember a pessimist can never be disappointed  but the optimist gets to smile all the while!

Talking of which.

spread the word because this will come in useful next season

Have you signed the 3 up 3 down petition yet?

Well go  here and tell your friends


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