Simmo’s 6 Foot Angels Eye Harriers, Luton and The Tamworth Cup Final.

With those around us still picking up points and tough trips to Kidderminster and Luton Town, Gary Simpson feels the home game against Tamworth to be the perfect opportunity for the 3 points that will guarantee safety. But the lads will be going for the win in every one. Because that is what it will take to get the fans to pay their money and help him build a war chest to get the reinforcements we need for next season to mount a promotion push.  So lets get these points and build an army on and off the pitch.

Lincoln City F.C. badge.png

The Imps go into these three games knowing that it will take another three points if we are to be sure of playing in the BSP next season. We were the fourth most in-form side in the division during March, but April is a testing time for the battle hardened striped heroes. Time to start again and take it one game at a time.

Our reputation is starting to precede us with Cambridge’s moaning Money (a head coach – bet they have gold taps down at a club that just seems to be awash with money and spare six-footers in the squad) so obsessed with our size and presence (HERE).  Perhaps we should send him a tape measure because the side he put out has to be the tallest 11 to take part in a BSP game this season. Sour grapes we think, from a managerial hierarchy that has blown almost three times our budget after even paying transfers paying for 5 players.  Simmo will be offering a polo to help them concentrate on signing the contract next season (if he gets his quill out it could be in blood) whilst United and their managerial team will be counting the cost of pushing the boat out in their centenary season you feel.  We will be getting stronger and harder to beat next season, with a budget earned through turnstile clicks not built on the never never.

The Imps matched the black and Amber oak trees, gave them a game and did not unduly react to some terrible challenges, starting with that disgraceful challenge on our keeper in the first minute.  Fed on tripe and raw meat Miller Diagne and Boyce know it comes with the territory bless ’em. No one moans at Lincoln, the Imps get on with it, put the points on the board and drag our club back from the brink. They put in a shift week in week out for their wedge.


A point from either of the first two games will be a result, but who would bet against the Imps doing the Stags a favour, by keeping a fourth straight clean sheet.  Luton could also go either way. But the ‘biggy’ is Tamworth. After 2400 turned up for the Cambridge game we can expect more for that one. That is the game that will pave the way for the rise of the Imps next season. And these Imps hate losing to anyone. Simmo has given them pride and a spring in their stride.  Reputations are there to be earned or stripped bare.  Even John Beck in his prime would not fancy a friendly against us at the moment.

And if it takes six-footers with attitude to get us out of this League, then so be it.  The spirit is back, as is the togetherness and no one but us is going to do us any favours. It is a hard world out there, the same on the pitch. The criticism from managers shows it is working.  But we Imps can see we have the nucleus of a decent side. One with fight, desire who asks for or gives no quarter. These are Simmo’s dogs of war, they are raising the Imps hordes and legions once more. This club will be one to be reckoned with from now on. Hoist up the Lincoln Flag, hear the red Imps sing.  Because the rest of this season and next are the are going to be some of the best trips we have ever been on.

No one has ever got back into the League as many times as the Imps. Let us believe and get down in numbers home and away. Because under Simmo and the ghost of Keith the Rise of The Imps is at hand.

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