Imps Fans Find Faith & Flock Back – Now To SaveThe Mighty Imps

Another well deserved point against Cambridge has seen Simmo’s Imps garner 14 points from a possible 24.  Incredibly a side that looked as if it was going down became the fourth most in-form side in the BSP.  The Rise of The Imps is at hand. Crowds are up  with 700 Imps on the gate yesterday compared to the previous home game, or a round 1000 if you compare it to the Wrexham low financial blow. That equates to 12 grand more than the club had budgeted for, in cash and in the Bank today.

Thanks for reading Neil Gentleman-Hobbs

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For any Imps wanting a recap -please either click here –  or see our dedicated category over on the right, at the top of our categoroies, entitled 0- Imps Great Escape from Ground Zero. Read it be Imp-spired, for the  three C’s –  our Cathedral our City and our Club are what being Lincoln is all about. Football is our faith, Sincil Bank is our church.

Need more convincing to part with your hard earned cash?  Then read through the Save The Mighty Imps facts stats, the teams & schemes for every game, the match reports and the everything a true Lincoln City support needs to relive the memory and rekindle the passion.

We thank our readers for their loyalty, it is not always easy to support or, for that matter, write about Lincoln City.  But our page views suggest you care enough to read, so surely some time soon the legions will form. The rise of the Imps is at hand but we need to spread the word. Supporting the Mighty Imps is the birthright of every citizen of our fair City.  Many do not realise this, so please spread the word,for if Simmo is to have a play-off war-chest the turnstiles must click.  Fear not Save The Mighty Imps is here to help.

Over 400 of you (ok some were detoured) backed our campaign for an Impvasion of Nuneaton. We urged 500 to gg to Alfreton (456 went) and we pushed for 3,000 against Cambridge at home (2,700). W may not always hit the target, but as Keith Alexander said – we will be there or thereabouts. So how can you, that all important Imp help on your own?

Via facebook PM, via email or via word of mouth, please forward the Save The Mighty Imps blog name to every Imp you know (Imps that still go or those that have all but given up the ghost).  Let them read the passion in our pages, let them feel the hope and ambition, feel the spirit that dwells within.  Let’s ‘Impspire’ – for we know the Imps are out there and they will come.  Keep the faith copy and paste the following and we will come.

Dear Fellow Imp,

Please copy and paste this and pass it on. The Rise of the Imps is at hand. But we need you to join the legion of returning Imps, to rediscover your faith, to make those turnstiles click. Simmo’s war-chest will come from the fans, the lifeblood of a club that will not die.

Be inspired read Save the mighty Imps by clicking on our name or typing four words into google Save the mighty Imps. Surely you want to be in our number, when the Imps go Marching in.

Regards Save The Mighty Imps

Our voice & Our choice


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