Luton Town Deserve Better – Give Them & BSP 3 up 3 down

In truth Luton Town should not be in the Blue Square Premier and they would not be if the world was fair. Or for that matter, if the authorities, were consistent they might perhaps be in the fortunate position of Watford FC, doing rather nicely in the Championship. STMI read with interest the story on the Hatters News feed on Friday, advising fans that Trust in Luton are writing to the football League asking why Watford are being treated differently.

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But where is there was any justice in life nowadays, or fairness as Nick Clegg put it when he was trying to get the Liberals elected into Government. How short the memories and how close the solidarity amongst the fortunate, who once in position, will not be fair and share the wealth. That would be plain silly would it not akin to turkeys voting for Christmas.  Long have STMI championed 3 up 3 down, but lip service apart, no MP’s or Government officials have deemed it important enough for their time.

Justice for Luton hung and for both the hatters and the The BSP perhaps now hangs again, on decisions by the Football  League. The docking of 30 points in one season was an affront to sportsmanship in the people’s game, as well as an utter farce on the Leagues part that is coming back to haunt them.   STMI wish the Hatters all the best in getting answers as to why Watford appear to have got away scott free, half a decade later.

Of course a point would be nice Tuesday week as well…….. But in all seriousness it would be nice for the League to give Luton some justice, even if it is too late to turn back the clock on a club blighted by an horrendously unsportsmanlike handicap. What the League can do is  have a political style 3 line whip in place for the vote on 3 up 3 down in the summer.  That would give all in the Blue square Premier a sporting chance to get into the League. Four would be better but 3 would be a good start.

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  1. They do not care about small clubs like ours and yours – we don’t generate enough money for them. Only the rich are now catered for by those in power in football. Good luck for the future COYH

  2. Luton got what they deserved.

  3. Andrew, if Luton got what they deserved, why didn’t Watford? Watford broke the rules yet might win promotion to the Premiership
    And how come West Ham escaped serious punishment and Sheffield United suffered as a result?
    All we want is consistency.
    Luton are where they are becasue of the stupidity of their chairman, We accept it but it would be much better for all concerned if there was 3 up and 3 down as STMI suggest. It is not only Luton that is losing out. Wrexham have been challenging for promotion and have just missed out for the last couple of years. Now they look like doing so again. If there was 3 up they would get the place in the Football League which there football and supporters deserve

  4. That’s Mighty fair of you. If I remember correctly, Wrexham finished a full 17 points ahead of Luton last season before we beat them in the play-offs. Where is the fairness in that? The league table doesn’t lie (unless you start with -30 points of course, as Luton fans know to their cost) and I’d junk the ply-off system and replace it with a straight three up-three down, based on league points won. How about that for a good old-fashioned idea then?

  5. we all know the BSP is really league 3 so it should be 4 up and 4 down with the 4th place going up via the P/Os.. the reason being the BSP have to many small clubs just trying to avoid being relegated and cant maintain the running cost. If they had there own league where the teams that constantly struggle year in year out have a fair chance to win it might bring it more funds and supporters for their club along with the chance to go full time instead of players having to work and play part time. (mind you, the FA &FL would have to spread the money evenly to all clubs.)

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