Imps 3 Telford 2 Taylor IMPspires Monster Monster Win !!!

Jamie Taylor the consummate finisher saved the Imps Lincolnshire bacon against plucky Telford as Simmo’s Imps came through 3-2. Good job too as Hyde won 2-1 at Hereford and Stockport beat Newport 1-0.  The Imps are out of the bottom four however on goals as Nuneaton and Barrow FC’s games were postponed. But it is psychology and points in the bag that count at this stage. This is the time when you are scrapping at the trapdoor, when man looks into the abyss and hopefully finds his true character.

For the benefit of  Bucks fans, visiting the site for the first time, first the  score & scorers, secondly the teams & schemes, then the match report and finally more stats than you can shake an Imp or Buck at  Thanks for reading Neil Gentleman-Hobbs who was as ever, as part of the Sincil four, unable to attend the game due to the club board ban.

Lincoln City F.C. badge.pngvTelford United.png

Saturday  23rd March K.O 3 pm


Lincoln  3-2 Telford

(H/T  11)


Jordan 12 Jones 39 Leslie 53 Taylor 77 & 88

Att  1724

Imps 1712Bucks 12     


The teams & Schemes


 Lincoln City F.C. badge.png



1 Farman

 20 Miller  25 Brown 5 Boyce  3 Diagne 

 37 Fofana 4 Jordan 

  8 Power    

12 Sheridan 10 Taylor 14 Hobson 



 H/T  Dali for Hobson, 67 Jones on for Fofana, 78 Turnbull on for Jordan



David Preece (GK), Dan Gray, Jake Jones (MF) , Paul Turnbull (MF), Gomez Dali (STR).


Telford United.png



1 Young

 2 Salmon 14 Briscoe 4 Craney 3 Valentine

7 Rooney 8 Trainer 27 Smith 20 Williams   

 17 Spray  10 Jones



H/T Leslie on for Rooney, 73 Addagio on for Jones, 79 Meechan on for Spray



18 Steven Leslie (MF),  28 Tom Bradley (MF) 25 Marco Addagio (F), 26 Meechan (F), 29 Jake Bennett (F)



But to the game fellow football fans, to the game…….

The Imps kick off towards the Stacey West and kick long and straight out.  Taylor, playing central, tests the keeper with an easy livener to take.  Valentine delivers a cross, Boyce half clears, but unlike last week, this time Trainer shoots high and wide. An end to end game, albeit with no end product, ensues. Power threads one to Taylor who unbalances Briscoe and fires narrowly over the bar.

Diagne dwells too long, Valentine crosses but Brown shepherds out with an incredulous corner the outcome.  The Imps switch off at the short corner, Rooney centres but Craney is unable to test Farman.  Sheridan is shepherded wide and wins a corner. Power’s corner finds Sheridan who hits the post, some penalty box pinball ensues before Jordan looks up and places a fabulous 25-yarder into the top right corner to send the sparse crowd mental. A dozen minutes in and the Imps look good for the win.

Telford win a corner which Hobson clears. Jordan is having a great game, granted he’s adds shirty and dirty, but twice peels thirty yard balls to  Taylor. The first sees our top scorer, in his more natural central position miscue and then secondly he is crowded out.  The Imps, horns gleaming and tails up, are rampant, with Miller warming the keepers hands with a howitzer. Telford are stretched and panicking, with keeper Young lucky to miscue to his own player.  Miller is roasting Valentine for fun.

Jordan plays to Sheridan who feeds Miller on the overlap but his cross is poor. Hobson heads to Taylor, Taylor finds Power, he gives it to Diagne on the overlap, but his drive is straight down the keepers throat. A super piece of build up play between Power, Sheridan and Taylor sees Sheridan thump a 20-yarder over the bar .  Fofana shoots the corner into orbit.  Rooney fires the Bucks first shot in anger, but Farman is equal to it and makes the save.  A lovely turn from Power puts Taylor in but a great save from Young denies the Imps a deserved second.

But Telford, lacking in pace and confidence after one of those runs Delhi belly would struggle to compete with (26 without a win), are gamely hanging in there. Jones fizzes a 25-yard effort just to the left of the far post.  What appears to be a thirty-five yard wayward free-kick from Rooney,  finds the head of Jones. He rises almost unchallenged to flick home from 12 yards as Brown and Diagne dilly and dally. You could have heard a pin drop, although the dozen visitors were doing a week late St Patrick’s jig of delight.  Telford have found an extra yard now, the Imps, deflated, have lost the ascendancy and their shape. A decent counter, Sheridan to Power to Taylor, sees the goal machine fizz wide. Miller, skinning Valentine like a veteran Lincolnshire poacher, wins a late corner. Power gets it into the danger area, but Boyce heads wide.

With Stockport drawing 0-0 and the other basement battle, between Barrow and Ebbsfleet postponed, the Imps will need to take the initiative in the second half.

Second half.

Leslie is brought on for Rooney (change to 4-4-2) and we will get a chance to look at Dali, who replaces Hobson (change to 4-4-2).  Miller, a gambolling lamb in Imps clothing, sends one in to Jordan who fires wide.  Dali cushion-heads to Taylor who is rugby tackled – but somehow the referee misses a blatant penalty.  Miller a man on a mission sees a vicious drive deflected for a corner. Ooh count ’em lad count ’em!  Browns subsequent header is cleared off the line showing that every Power delivery should be high and in amongst Simmo’s six-foot soldiers, all seasoned sinners in the box. Dali then gets away from his man and fires into the side-netting.

Telford take advantage, their kit a colour of choice when it comes to countering a side who do not take advantage of a purple patch. A chipped free-kick from Valentine is headed back by Spray and unmarked super-sub Leslie  toe-pokes home. Awful defending again, perhaps the siren should be used at opposition set-pieces as an alrm clock of sorts for the six sleeping statues. The Imps, driven on by some choice motivational terminology from Simmo, press, Telford fail to clear and Taylor’s, quick to the scraps scorches a snapshot straight at the keeper.  But Telford are in the ascendancy, with Valentine delivering a peach that just begged for a connection.  Power, who frustratingly elects to send in low corners, when we have a distinct height advantage,  finds Diagne who can do little but fire wide given the delivery and angle.

For all Sheridan’s shine he is incapable of beating full-back Valentine who is hardly blessed with pace, yet goes by him like a chav nicking a handbag from a granny.  Few go beyond Jordan, his mantra none shall pass be there need for a hook or some crook. How he escaped a yellow today is amazing, but the young unpolished gem (another Simmo find from nowt) deserves his luck with another full throttle performance where he is learning fast and in the heat of a basemenr battle each and every week.  A Leslie free-kick finds Williams but he put it wide. Dali, a pacey physical fellow, known as a real pheasant plucker in these parts, goes narrowly wide at the other end.  On 67 Simmo goes for broke with a cavalier change to the old school Barce 4-2-4, as Fofana is replaced by Jones. A Power free-kick finds Boyce who rather ambitiously elects to lob, alas it finds the grateful keeper’s arms.  Dhali, showing good pace and movement, shoots wide with another decent effort.

Perhaps the paving for a game-changer as Power loses out on a vital contest with Williams. With all at the Bank touching cloth, his rising drive fortunately clears the crossbar. On 73 Jones makes way for Addageo as The Bucks return to 4-5-1 to hold for 3 points.  A big mistake with Simmo and Impdom to a man, on and off the pitch, screaming for a sign and salvation.   On 77 the eureka moment …. the Brilliance of the tremendous ‘clever-Trevor’ Jamie Taylor, for he shall yet earn a brass bust at the Bank, a veritable theatre of the absurd. He latches onto a Boyce header and rams satans Trident back into the bowels of Hades, splitting the two central defenders to fire home from 20 yards.  ‘Twas a matrix moment though Neo would have needed shades against the neon clad adversaries that came to extinguish all life in Impdom as we know it. No not the board but the Bucks, ye Imps of little and understandably faltering faith.

Simmo then brings on Turnbull for Jordan to get fresh legs into what amounts to a two man-midfield. On 79 the manly Spray is replaced by Meechan. The Imps win an unprecedented, fifth, second half corner.  Alas another poor Power grass-cutter winds down the adrenalin of the siren as Telford counter with Farman out and quickly to the rescue. Dali, yet to find his range, then heads Millers cross straight at the keeper, as the Imps pile on the pressure. At last a wise and lofted Power corner finds the head of Boyce, but Briscoe brilliantly clears off the line with Nat Brown chomping at the bit.

But there’s more, with two further twists and turns to tease and try the patience of an Imp as only we know how. A long-ball down field sees Williams one on one with the keeper but he thankfully blasts just wide with wide-eyed Imps looking skywards for deliverance  Both teams are battling for their Blue Square Premier lives with no quarter asked or given and no doubt Boyce and miller asking for change.  On 88 Taylor the great, goal machine supreme, turns the tide.   From 18 yards out and, to the right of the area, the poacher frees the arrow, across the keeper, to bulge the side netting and blast the blooming roof off the Bank.

Oh yes we’re frying tonight in Impdom, the game is so fresh a good vet would have it on its feet in minutes. All deserve a seat at the banquet, although if the rounds on Bob it should be a baccanalean at the Bank.  Brown and Boyce, sweating blood for the cause, both clear at the other end as Telford attempt to share the spoils.  Triple twist and turn Turnbull has a dig that goes over and Williams is caught offside when danger threatened. Simmo and the Imps are as one at the whistle, beaming all over with red and white striped Lincolnshire pride.  Simmo clearly has two get out of jail free cards, one in each yellow sock. But it is the boots of Jamie Taylor that will take something special to fill.


In a robust league the tall and the tough are favoured up front, yet a lover not a fighter proved there is still room for poetic justice in the Premier, well the one the Football League tries to forget. This 3-2 thriller gets the Imps out of the bottom four, but only by virtue of the fact that Nuneaton and Barrow were unable to play against Woking and Ebbsfleet respectively. But it is psychology and points in the bag that count when you hanging onto splinters of the trapdoor.  Bud Fox is told in Wall street that ‘Man looks into the abyss and hopefully finds his true character’. Indeed. Lincoln did today. Stockport did too, responding well with a 1-0 win over high-flying Newport. Hyde too, turned the tables on highly placed and in-form Hereford. It is certainly not over yet, but if we had lost today it almost certainly would have been. Alas it may well be for the plucky Bucks, with just 5 to play and 15 points up for grabs, just three more points for the Imps or Nuneaton will see them needing to win by hat-fulls, just to have a chance on goal difference. But Simmo, now 7 points into his target of 12, knows there is a bit more of the brown stuff to navigate yet. Their is Braintrees shocking pitch for a start on Tuesday. 

Lincoln City F.C. badge.png1 V 1 Telford United.png




shots on includes goals and saves includes crosses claimed


61% Ball 39%

12 Shots on 5

8 Misses 6

2 Saves 4

10 Corners 3

1 Offside 2

10 Fouls 2

0 Yellows 0

0 Reds 0

BSP Table 23/3/13

Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1 up 12 Kidderminster Harriers 40 23 8 9 67 35 32 77
2 up 7 Mansfield Town 37 23 5 9 74 46 28 74
3 up 8 Wrexham 38 20 12 6 69 36 33 72
4 down 4 Newport County AFC 36 20 6 10 72 53 19 66
5 down 5 Grimsby Town 37 18 10 9 55 31 24 64
6 up 15 Forest Green Rovers 39 17 10 12 57 40 17 61
7 down 7 Macclesfield Town 37 16 10 11 55 51 4 58
8 down 6 Luton Town 38 15 10 13 55 49 6 55
9 up 1 Cambridge United 39 14 11 14 62 61 1 53
10 down 10 Hereford United 38 14 11 13 58 57 1 53
11 down 11 Woking 38 16 5 17 61 67 -6 53
12 down 12 Dartford 37 15 7 15 56 56 0 52
13 down 13 Braintree Town 35 14 7 14 50 58 -8 49
14 up 2 Tamworth 39 13 9 17 47 55 -8 48
15 down 15 Alfreton Town 38 12 12 14 55 64 -9 48
16 down 16 Southport 39 12 10 17 63 74 -11 46
17 down 17 Hyde FC 39 13 6 20 54 63 -9 45
18 down 18 Stockport County 40 12 9 19 51 65 -14 45
19 up 1 Gateshead 37 11 11 15 46 49 -3 44
20 down 20 Lincoln City 39 11 10 18 54 65 -11 43
21 down 21 Nuneaton 38 10 13 15 44 58 -14 43
22 down 7 Barrow 38 10 10 18 41 70 -29 40
23 down 1 Ebbsfleet United 37 8 12 17 50 73 -23 36
24 down 24 AFC Telford United 41 5 16 20 49 69 -20 31

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