Sincil Salivates – Bucks Are Fair Game Not Imps

Sincil salivates, for tomorrow Lincoln City seek to reverse a downward trend against Telford, with  the fates for once on our side. The visitors, who have not won in 25 games, are just the springboard Impdom needs to leapfrog Stockport County and Hyde. This in a week that saw Nuneaton add to their psychological win over us last week with a 1-0 win over Grimsby and a  2-2 draw at Braintree. The board responded to the STMI outcry at the beginning of the week to stress the  urgency and need for the fans to respond, alerting the media. But alas our cry for a discount to swell the coffers fell on deaf ears. So there was no meeting half way, just a PR puff that the City’s businesses were responding, this, by virtue of sponsorship deals that must surely have been in the bag anyway.  But back to football, while we still have it in our fair city.

As usual our ban precludes us from being at the game, thank you for reading Neil Gentleman-Hobbs 

Lincoln City F.C. badge.pngvTelford United.png

Saturday  23rd March K.O 3 pm

Pricing Here


Gary Simpson has urged the fans to get behind all of the players and he has a point. It will take the will of 11 men to beat Telford, just as it will any side in the remaining 8 games of the season. We need a point from each game, a target that will almost half with a win this Saturday. A win we will get, but the Lincolnshire poachers must see the Bucks as the game and not those who would don the famous red and white stripes and do us proud.

Fans are quick to turn on players, with second chances rare given the confidence of the player has taken a big knock.  This was the main reason Ronnie Moore sent Richard Butcher back to Lincoln on loan after a small section of the crowd turned on the lad. The pressure of being in the bottom four is enough for the players to have to shoulder, without a desperate Sincil bank getting on the players back. Be positive if you want heroes, continue with the negative vibes if you want zeroes. All that will guarrantee is more of the same with relegation a formality.

The players want to win games, they always have and always will.  They have done under every manager since Peter Jackson, Holdsworth included.  But the weight of expectation is great, worsened by an ever emptying stadium, or the choruses of catcalls and boos.  Fans have a right to vent their frustrations, they have after all forked out hard earned cash in search of entertainment. As Councillor Bainbridge put it back in 1884 ‘in search of two hours recreation’ as an all too rare break from a five and a half hour week in the fierce foundries that work the artisans tiol hereabouts in those days. That would be the only quality time most would spend with their sons.

The continuation of a football club in this fare city and, that right of passage is what you are cheering for tomorrow.  If we fail to take three points tomorrow, then whatever abuse the players get, will pail into comparison to what the players will already feel. How to regroup from that if you then have just two home games to go in a cauldron of hate?

March games
Sat 23rd Lincoln City v AFC Telford 15:00
Tue 26th Braintree Town v Lincoln City 19:45
Sat 30th Alfreton Town v Lincoln City 15:00
April games
Mon 01st Lincoln City v Cambridge Utd 15:00
Sat 06th Kidderminster v Lincoln City 15:00
Tue 09th Luton v Lincoln City 19:45
Sat 13th Lincoln City v Tamworth 15:00
Sat 20th Hyde v Lincoln City 17:15

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