Its Save The Mighty Imps Time Then!

As the board call for unity, we at STMI agree, even though we, along with the remaining 3 of the Sincil four are still banned for daring to question.  That means we will take no part in the march that will ironically bare our name. For we cannot go into the ground, to support the club we love. We could not even go to the Trust EGM even though I have been sent a voting slip today for this years AGM.  Yet still we urge all Imps to back the team on Saturday, as we have always done. Imp politics after all are the problem, the focus never seems to be on the bigger picture, indeed the only important picture – that of building a team to make Lincoln, our city, our club, proud.

Lincoln City F.C. badge.png

Why Save The Mighty Imps?

In 2011, when the Mighty Imps were  relegated on that fateful day  in May, what could anyone say.  In front of 8,000 witnesses (not the 9,000 the club have suggested in their call for unity last night) in our own back yard, the spiritual home that is Sincil Bank –  aka The Theatre of  broken dreams –  many felt the financial fates, as well as the shadowy non-league realm of Hades, would soon come knocking at our gates. But it continued to get worse with little more than a papering over of the cracks thanks to padlocks on the purse and a continuation of a run of luck akin to a curse.

That 7,932 in our final football League crowd suggested we had a future and while Imp blood courses through our veins, we at Save The Mighty Imps will keep the faith through the losses and the gains.  As long as we at  STMI have our keyboards we shall champion those that remain of the once proud  Imp Hordes, many alienated by the Trust, Club and Lincoln City holdings boards. We will record the losses, the draws, the wins, the virtues and the sins. Be we in Blue Square North or rising as a phoenix club from the very bins, with our fellow Imps – our kith and kin, there will always be a Lincoln City even with a prefix AFC.

We are after all The Mighty Imps, punching above our weight, not wimps. We need just a glimpse for the faithful to return to  support 11 sons of Impdom who will again make us loud and proud, be it on the cowpaddle or wherever our new home be.  Sincil Bank, once swank, a heavenly place oh so full of ghosts and memories, yet latterly, so rarely full of grace. But,  one where the Clanford End passion  will always be the fashion. Therefore please back every player one and all this Saturday, be a hoover for each goal-bound ball, all for one and one for all, stand tall.  Winning is the issue, though given the tears of late one no self respecting Imp should ever be without a tissue.

Save the Mighty Imps is a totally independent website written by the fans for the fans, football is foremost. We have never taken the clubs coin, but have always championed the team, those 11 ambassadors of Impdom who rule supreme. Although we are now, through enforced silence having been unable to fund the legal battle to throw off the shackles of prohibition; unable to take part in home matches or any other plans.  Bottom line the board say we need to stay up to survive, but keep the faith because there will be a time when Lincoln City can again thrive.

Thanks for reading and thanks for paying for your turnstile click each and every home game. Impdom can shake off the shame and rebuild our name, but don’t look back in anger because the football club has not the time or ability to win the blame game.  Save The Mighty Imps was named knowing full well it would only be a matter of time before the buckets would be needed once again. That time is near, but never fear Lincoln City will always be here.

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