Make It A Family friendly fortress For £10 Saturday Bob!

STMI urge the board of Lincoln City to help make Saturday a Family friendly Fortress For £10 day. AFC Telford is a pivotal game in the clubs future, so surely we want everyone their to show they care? Go on get it on BBC Radio Lincs every day, ask them to plug it on Look North and get it in Thursday’s Echo!

Given that no Imps have been arrested despite the scandalous headlines tarnishing our fantastic fans and good club’s name, it is the perfect opportunity to show what a family friendly club we are by…. perhaps… offering a quid a kid too, so that a father and son (to be PC a carer and child) can understand what it means to support their local club through thick and thin, This despite a recession that sees the rich get richer and the poor get poorer despite two jobs. Get a win and they may have a club they can come back to as well – over to you saviour Simmo and the Mighty Imps.  Remember you are playing for our future right of passage, time honoured since Sports report first played that tune  before the results. Dads (like mine god rest his recently departed soul) would carry their kids on their shoulders, with both listening to a transistor radio (a music device without a play-list for you younger Imps) to catch up on the scores and tables from around the League.  A link to part of a grass roots right of passage that may not be around for too much longer if the BSN comes knocking on the great Cathedral door….. for the remaining Imp.

Lincoln City F.C. badge.pngTelford United.png


Dambuster Spirit

Chocks away


23rd March KO 3PM

Get some lads down the Clanford End (Stacey West)

and suck in the goals


We are Imps we are Imps we are Imps

We are Imps we are Imps we are Imps

We are Imps we are Imps we are Imps

We are Imps

We are Imps


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  1. Have we reached the end of our allowed discounts that the league impose?
    if so we cannot reduce the prices. What we can do is create an incentive, were by you purchase a ticket for the going price, but you get a free drink & pie at half time.
    Surely with the amount of fans expected Bob can afford this.

    in giving you will receive.

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