The Simpson Factor – Imps Are Buzzing

Gary Simpson has blown away the cobwebs and taken knocks at Woking FC, Macclesfield and the injury to Nat Brown in his stride.  Despite the departure of 4 players, a calf injury to one of the loans and a knock-back from parent clubs on a couple of others, people are starting to believe that the Simpson factor may have a chance to lift our proud club’s slide where so many others have failed. Has he also unearthed another gem plucked from a League where one stand is a luxury?

Thanks for reading  Neil Gentleman-Hobbs

 File:Lincoln City F.C. badge.png File:Lincoln City F.C. badge.png

Not wishing to put too much pressure on young Todd Jordan, who is still not fit as he has only been training once a week, but that was commanding début from the defensive midfielder. If we could get his former team-mate, an exciting and raw talent name of Nathan Forbes-Swindells (26 this season and now at Sheffield FC after failing a trial at Chesterfield), Imps would see a sensational striking talent, that has you off your seat and thanking god that football was invented.

This from a Parkgate game earlier in the season.

A glorious opening caused many to spill the half-time tea and cuppa soups. An incisive ball from Jordan out of defence found Nathan Forbes-Swindells on the left, still 50 yards from goal. He looks every inch a goal machine this lad, leaving two in his wake, he got to the corner of the box cut inside and crashed a curling effort into the top corner. Outstanding effort!

Club logo

Nothing lifts the gloom like a vital win, but it has been the the steadying influence and desire to involve as many as possible to avoid the conflict that can come from the clash of the irresistible will meeting the immovable force. A comeback and hard-earned point at high-flying Woking was followed by an unlucky defeat at Macclesfield. The Imps had gone ahead but a Garner own-goal had changed the game. The pressure was building ahead of Southport, a side few fancy playing. But the team mentality was forged, the desire would get the breaks its brave endeavour deserved.

Few other than Gary can take that responsibility and say it how it is both sides of the microphone. Few can also reverse the equivalent of an oil tanker heading for the rocks, with the faith of so many of the shipmates.  His side know the battles they can win, but will still give their all in the ones that they can’t  – and come close to springing a surprise.  A professional football career is a privilege whatever money you are on and one that can take those with the desire and some above average ability a long way. Lincoln fans will respect that. Because even if Gary has the same budget as Holdsworth next season, he and the yellow socked ghost beside him see the play-offs as their birth-right. Few would bet against that next year, with Grimsby in the final, one that would compare to the thousands that travelled to Chesterfield in 1950/51 for a winner takes all. There were Imps on trains, motor-bikes and coaches and horses as the City emptied.  We gamely went down 2-3 but stormed the Division 3 North the following year banging in 121 goals in the process. The Imps have been promoted back into the League on seven occasions so far, a record.

Fear not whether there be austerity or not, we Imps will always find the money to back a hard-working side and an adopted straight talking South Yorkshire Imp that will move heaven and earth to put us back on the map.  Deeds, hard work, honesty and integrity speak much louder than empty words in Yellowbelly county.

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