Simmo aims for Triple Surprise and Sentiment

With Woking next up, the word is that Gary Simpson is set to spring a triple psychological surprise for Saturday.  Hopefully a former Nottingham Forest defender, with set-piece skills and an old Imps favourite, inspirational in either box, are set to be drafted in on loan, but the third will galvanise us all and pull at the heart strings for all the right reasons.

 Stanno Park Football Socks - Yellow

The Sincil saviour is aiming to set the tone by adopting Keith Alexander’s yellow socks for luck in the dugout this Saturday. Gary hopes the Imps will do the same for  the vital home game against Southport next Saturday to really get the Sincil Bank bounce-back well and truly up and running.   Hopefully fans will respond by putting their faith and hard earned money behind  the Imps, which will hopefully put a thousand on the gate. We need to as just 1600 Imps turned up for the Mansfield game on Tuesday.

But as Gary will no doubt have said to the players in a pro-active first session today. Clean slate, line in the sand and let’s not look back in anger. The Mighty Imps will not be found for want of trying with Gary at the helm.

Stanno Park Football Socks - Yellow

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  1. Gregor Robertson? Ben Futcher?

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