Shocking Facts & Stats That Shamed City This Week

Mansfield Town visit on Tuesday, we should charge them double as they would not miss this party for the world and it looks like it will be the last for a while. Gainsborough next Christmas anyone? OK Many will say Grant has only had a few days with the players, but the fact is he has been working with them since October. Tactically we were inept today, but, shock, gasp, horror, instead of going to see Barrow on Tuesday, the focus appeared to be on Nuneaton. Surely you scout the upcoming opposition personally on a Tuesday night if you are not playing, given the 6 point nature?

STMI, were as ever, not allowed at the game,  so please forgive our view from a good 50 yards behind the now all but dead Stacy West. 

 Lincoln City F.C. badge.png V Barrow AFC Logo No Background.png

Saturday  6th October K.O 3 pm

Before we get to the facts and figures, please humour us, even though we are respectfully and humbly mindful of those we do not have the financial ability to expose. Given things were not working in the opening 15 minutes, why not change the formation to get three in the middle to stop Barrow bossing the midfield? They were pinging it about whilst we had to go long ball to  Taylor and Larkin who are hardly capable of beating Sodje in the air. Power was ineffective out wide yet, to put icing on the cowpaddle pat, had two first half shots  to Larkin’s one which was off target. In the second half the Imps had one shot from Larkin, which at least forced a save from Hurst. The visitors had about treble our shot count, on and off target, in both periods.

STMI are banned from games so we cannot run a match report. Yet we knew enough about the opposition before the game to suggest that the Imps would need to bully Barrow in order to stop them playing. Had Boyes played we would have been hammered by a side third from bottom, who still outplayed us in our own back yard. We also failed to score against a side that ship goals on their travels at an alarming rate.  Unless there is  a big change and quick, the BSN is odds on.

Grant is a fantastic servant, but is he really up to a job that will need to save Lincoln City from oblivion.  Given that only 1780 Imps were inspired enough to turn up to witness the latest change and the proposed on the cheap start of his stewardship, the omens are not good for the future are they? In some ways we are pleased to be spared the sight of the Stags dancing on our graves. It was £11 at Trinity today. They never gave up and beat Wrexham having despatched Barrow in the last round and Tamworth, our conquerors, the round before that.  The Dragons are top of the BSP, Wembley bound and have a board that have the confidence to take a chance.   In an entertainment business you need to invest in the cast. Yes there can be failure but Impdom’s fate looks set to be the continuation of our slow death by a thousand cuts. Oh almost forgot in enforced silence.

 Lincoln City F.C. badge.png V 0 Barrow AFC Logo No Background.png

Saturday  6th October K.O 3 pm

 Att 1830 – Imps 1776 Bluebirds 54


We have left the teams and schemes, for one there were none and secondly the players do not deserve to be put in positions anywhere near the Lincoln City crest 


shots on includes goals and saves includes crosses claimed




52% Ball 48%


3 Shots on 8


1 Misses 7


8 Saves 3


3 Corners 4


2 Offside 5


Fouls 9


3 Yellows 1

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