Simmo Wants To Finish The Job For KA & Butch

Gary Simpson, feels the Imps hurt.  Stirred by a passion and motivated by the memories of Keith Alexander and Richard Butcher, he wants to finish what he and Keith started. Then it was a return from the abyss of admin, now it is to throw off the threat of the Blue Square North and to dare to dream again.

Lincoln City F.C. badge.pngLincoln City F.C. badge.png

Gary is under no illusions that this is a vital, short, medium and long-term project. But from what may appear to be ashes and ruins, there is a strong beating heart, that is far more than the flagging pulse people perceive. The ghosts of Impdom with an army of lost, but very much alive, Imps who are eager to polish their horns, just waiting for a war cry to retake up arms under the Lincoln standard once again.  Lincoln our city our club – one drum, one voice, one passion.

Though he is far too professional to break his silence ahead of a vital game against Barrow, Gary has never failed to follow the Imps results. He feels our pain and wants to steady the ship and to give a sleeping East Midlands football giant a team to make the city proud. He wants to finish what he and Keith started before he joins his great mates Keith and Richard, two big losses to the game at grass roots level.

Bob Dorrian is not back until Sunday, so no decisions have been reached yet, although Messrs Parnam and Featherstone have been proactive to say the least, if the local media is anything to go by. Grant Brown, the current caretaker, is also Lincoln through and through and wants and deserves the job. But Gary is equally a gladiatorial Imp. He has inspiration and destiny and an ability to work wonders with a budget comparable to the one Holdsworth managed to get us to a lofty 19th in the BSP. We are better than that and Gary would scour the non-league, beg, steal and borrow from his league mates. He would put the pride back in the shirt and then never rest until our football League birthright is returned  No one has ever returned to the League as many times as Lincoln and Gary would ensure our record stretches to 6. Like Murphy, he has mud in his studs and Imp blood running through his veins.

Lincoln City F.C. badge.pngLincoln City F.C. badge.png

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