Is Simmo Sincil Bound

Keith Alexander, the Great KA, will always have a place in the Imps, Macclesfield fans and Gary Simpson’s heart.  But having buried both Keith and Richard Butcher with dignity, Gary climbed from the sorrow and the shadows at Macclesfield. He built a side from nothing, saw it sold from under him but generated an unheard of profit at a club that cashed in too early, then sacked him too early and paid the ultimate price by going down.

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Speculation is growing after his reported appearance in Tuesday’s Mansfield V Lincoln match , revealed in the report, where the Imps came out with a hard earned point. He has not however been approached by Bob Dorrian, not yet anyway. Although the club could do with someone who can sew a silk purse from a sow’s ear, given the finances, you have to feel Grant Brown Mr Moyses will be given a chance to work with David Holdsworth for a while at least.

Then again people have remarked that the body language between the three has not been that great, in the dugout, over the last two games. Initial friction and bedding in perhaps? Wrexham  is a tough ask. They are habitual over-spenders  have a budget more than double ours and lay second. However the game against FC Halifax will be make or break you feel.

Gary, if asked, would certainly get the crowds back. He still has an eye for talent that has seen both Peterborough and Macclesfield reap 7 figure rewards. He is also not used to having too much spare cash and has a wealth of respect and contacts at the non-league level, That is where Keith found him. Poetic justice, perhaps that he will return to Sincil Bank to finish the mission Keith came so close to fulfilling before the gardening leave incident, that has seen an Imps free-fall ever since.

Such a shame, we really do have a wonderful club , with fantastic support and potential. But to restore the belief and get the fans back we need a Murphy and someone to put football first and foremost. STMI suggest Simmo certainly looks to be a good all-round candidate for the job of Sincil Saviour.


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