Are Moyses & Brown Set To Edge Reg

Chris Moyses’ and Grant Brown’s addition to the management team will spark plenty of questions amongst fans, startled at the Chairman’s steadfast defence of the manager.

 Lincoln City F.C. badge.png

The Duo will be taking far more of a hands on approach, in order to assist the manager, for the foreseeable future, at least.  Both took the pre-match warm up and appeared to be an integral part of proceedings, in the dugout, throughout yesterday’s game against Luton Town.

As to whether this will prolong David Holdsworth’s tenure, or give more credence to the rumour that he has just three games to get it right (including yesterday), is anyone’s guess at the moment.  Thoughts will however go back to Roger Bates comments at the recent Fans V Board encounter, in house derby (still no footage on the official site it should be noted)

BD passed things on to RB (Roger Bates) who would not comment on individual players.  This negated LH (Linda Hodson’s) question over Karl Cunningham. RB has faith in DH’s philosophy of 6 months chance elsewhere.  He will not go against the view of the manager anyway and asked Chris Moyses opinion. CM replied that he was keeping his thoughts to himself at the moment – if you don’t mind Roger.

For context purposes please see second half of paragraph 15 (starts The Player turnover issue) of P2 Fans Meet Board HERE.


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