Imps V Hatters – Cup Final Cometh, Abide With Me.

Luton Town, this Sincil Super Saturday has to be viewed as a Cup Final. The visit of the BSP’s biggest side guarantees the largest crowd of the season so far, with Holdsworth’s Imps eager to prove David can slay Goliath in front of an expectant Impdom.

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 Lincoln City F.C. badge.png V Luton Town F.C. badge

Saturday  6th October K.O 3 pm

The Hatters are a side full of pace, talent and a footballing style that is easy on the eye.  An Imp victory, against the not quite top hats, would therefore be against the odds. One nil would do, with the full first 11 and every hope and heart elsewhere in the stadium doing their bit.  Play your part in every pass, will every challenge and suck home every shot.  The Dam Buster spirit espoused by Boyce, Miller and Farman. They have shown that they will die for the cause, a trio you would liken to the Beasant, Young and Thorn trinity that saw Wimbledon overcome the odds all those years ago against Liverpool in 1988. Sanchez got the header to win it 1-0 but the rearguard action was something else.

I, like many will have to work really hard for 3 hours at minimum wage for my entrance fee this Saturday. But on pitch-passion burns like a candle on a long dark shift. It is a reminder of that first magical night (thanks DAD RIP), each time I catch a factory floodlight.  Brilliant and bright, the yearning for a future of red and white.  Oh how I hope that one day, one or some, sons or daughters of Lincolnshire, will share our dreams and end our Sincil screams.  Until then, like me empty your piggy bank or rekindle that feeling – join Lincoln’s biggest choir and be as one ‘neath the setting sun – one drum, one voice, one passion  – for us the people’s game will always be in fashion. Be there, share, join the cheers, the jeers and constant fears. Because only the football day can take the pain away.  A win on Saturday and past losses  and the entrance fee seems such a small price to pay.

STMI would urge all Imps to make this a date, even if it is your first trip to the theatre of the absurd this season.  A good backing from the Stacey West could be just enough to sneak this one 1-0 if the combined will of Impdom can find a way.  Many have issues with the manager and the regime at the club, but irrespective of a win lose or draw, a good turn-out, even for just the one game, will prove a massive point. A decent crowd, given the way things are, will show the potential our beloved football club has. Hopefully that will spur on those with the money and the ambition to drive our club forward. Get over 3,500 this Saturday and people will see the potential for gates well beyond the 5,000 we saw in League 2.


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