STMI Q & A David Parman Lincoln City Director

Lincoln City and TSM (Timber Stair manufacturers Ltd) Director David Parman has kindly agreed to do a Q & A with STMI.

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 A big thanks to Mr Parman for his time with this. So let us cut to the chase and find out a little bit more about David Parman,  the fan, director and businessman

1) What are your earliest memories as an Imps fan and who took you to your first games.

Sitting in the old St Andrews stand with my Dad 1975-76. And covering my bedroom wall with squad pictures cut out of the echo etc…


2) Who have been your heroes over the years

75-76 squad, John Ward, Derek Bell and Colin Murphy, who must be one of everyone’s LCFC heroes – Motorcycling would be Eddie Lawson – Modern day Footballer Ronaldo.


3) I know you are a massive motor racing fan too but how did you become involved with the club and how did you feel being in a position to help the club

Yes be it racing, sponsoring or running a team I have in some way or other been involved with motorcycle racing since 1984. However nothing is for ever and after coming back to watch the Imp’s with my son in 2010 the fantastic thrill I experienced as a boy watching the Imp’s at Sincil Bank with my dad was soon re kindled.

An invite into what is now the VIP Club by long-time supporter Jim Lammin and subsequent introduction to then Commercial Manager Tim Poole was the catalyst, that lead to my “involvement” in the Football Club.

Tim in-turn introduced me to our Chairman Bob Dorrian, whom by the way is someone I admire greatly and has my full support as Chair and figurehead of our Football Club.

Following a number of positive meetings and discussions I finally decided to join the Board and my involvement was announced just prior to the 2011-2012 season. Not an easy time to come on board i.e. post relegation and pre EGM – but despite the challenges ahead and all of the negativity that surrounded us at that time I was extremely proud and excited to be joining this fantastic Football Club.


4) You, David Featherstone and Chris Moyses came in at just the right times and your respective financial contributions have been massive along with the Chairman. Can you go into just how much you have ploughed in as a pretty much unsung hero it has to be said?

I think it’s worth mentioning that despite some major financial challenges primarily our relegation from the Football League and of course the economy, since February 2011 the Club and Board have “to date” managed to attract, four new Independent Main Board Directors, fresh Corporate support and as mentioned in your question seen a massive statement of intent from our Chairman Bob Dorrian. Given the current climate this level of support, commitment and investment is something that speaks volumes and should be held up as a real positive for the football club.

From a personal point of view the level of investment required to be offered a seat on the Board is well publicised as is the share register. Let’s just say I have not been shy with regard my commitment & support of the football club and will continue to help in any way I can.


5) Things have been made tougher off the pitch by a terrible run and circumstances on it. How close were we to going into admin and now that things have stabilised do you feel about the future prospects so long as results start to go right?

Let’s not beat around the bush – from the moment the final whistle blew on our 2010-2011 campaign and our defeat against Aldershot became a result, the financial continuity and in turn survival of the Football Club was going to be a major and very real challenge for the Club and Board. Although input from new Directors, the Lincolnshire Co-operative and Lindum Group certainly helped – without Bob’s fantastic commitment, administration “at that time” was fast becoming a very real possibility. It would be fare to say that without Bob’s valuable injection or an alternate cash injection introdced, administration would have been almost inevitable.

If you run a business for any length of time you soon realise the graph moves both up and down. In many business sectors a prolonged buoyant period is followed by a down turn in trade and when this comes you will have to very quickly re-establish the root costs of your business. This can be a very difficult and painful exercise, but realities have to be faced and Lincoln City has now faced its reality and done a fantastic job in reducing its costs.

After losing our parachute payment from the Football League the current season was always going to be an extremely challenging one, but having experienced the pain we are now a much leaner and fitter business than we were. With regard the future, providing we remain pro-active, grasp all possible income opportunities, control our costs, run an affordable pro-budget “and enjoy some much needed success” we will have every opportunity of developing a financially stable football club.

Success is a very important ingredient because while we remain based at Sincil Bank albeit “a fantastic footballing facility” it does unfortunately lack the type of facilities that will generate alternate “material level” income streams to complement down turns in gate revenue. Without a major investor or a complementary income stream only positive results and in-turn higher numbers of spectators will ensure the long-term future of the football club is a stable one. We all know how many imp’s there are out there and what a difference gates of 3500 to 4000 thousand would make to our long term future and of course chances of achieving the levels of success we all crave. YOUR CLUB NEEDS YOU!


6) All fans would love to win the lottery and put in a big wedge, but money aside, if your dreams for the Imps could come true, where would you like to see us in the foreseeable future? Go on be optimistic everyone could do with that right now.

First goal – Football League, but longer term I would love to see Lincoln City FC competing for top honours in the Championship.


7) What would be your Best Lincoln City 11

I am sure “HOOF” Grant Brown would be in the centre of my back four but right now I am 100% behind our current squad and will support them 100% win, lose or draw.


glasses 8 Best goal you have ever seen.

Really couldn’t say but really enjoyed Conner Robinson’s goal up at Gateshead this year.


9) Where did you first sit or stand as a lad?

Nearly always sat in the old St Andrews stand but also have memories of enjoying pie and peas in the left hand corner of the South Park end.


10) Best home game ever

I was there with my dad for the final home game of the 75/76 season, 5-0 against Doncaster Rover, what a fantastic experience for a young man.


11) Best away-day ever

Other than a cup game in the early eighties at Leicester City, 82 or 83 I think, I only attended home games as a youngster, so will save that one for the future.


12) What is your funniest memory Impwise?

Really can’t tell you, but still makes me chuckle.


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