Holdsworth’s Last 5 Imps Trials – The first By TV.

Luton Town, Mansfield Town, Wrexham FC and Stockport County follow the FGR Friday TV match. After wins against Hyde FC and Nuneaton, draws against Ebbsfleet and AFC Telford, losses against Alfreton and Tamworth; Forest Green Rovers are arguably the toughest of the seven games, that many felt would define Holdsworth’s Imps.

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The Imps sit 15th, having garnered eight points from a possible 18 so far, with the next three points a tough ask and the next four games nothing short of a mountain to climb. The Chairman stated that we need to give him a chance at the anticlimactic meeting with the 8 fans representatives. Just 1486 die-hards did on Tuesday, suggesting the fans have just stopped caring, trusting little of what seems to be doing the rounds, via The Boardroom Blog, the media and the forums.

We seem to need sides to just role up at Sincil Bank and hand us three points, although divine intervention seems to have helped where it can. Yet Ebbsfleet should have been a win, as should Telford who are just two places and two points above us. We lost to Alfreton who are level on points with us, two places below us, albeit with a game in hand.  The 1-0 defeat at Tamworth, may be excusable, but an 8 point haul against these sides is not. Especially with the next 5 fixtures coming up on the horizon.

Whatever the excuses, for the missing thousands to venture a return any time soon, at between £16 and £18 pounds, the team need to win. We have certainly blown the easier chances, now comes the really tough questions.  The history with the Stags, the Wrexham and Luton challenges, plus Gannon’s County, suggest none of the above will be rolling over for us. This month is massive. To stay alive, we must not only get results but inspire against these five.  October is the key  to the future destinies of both Lincoln City and David Holdsworth. Whether Bob wants rid or not.

Is this the biggest challenge in our history, one that will pave the way on and off the field for our club? Or will, poor and uninspiring Lincoln City Football Club, be  on  our way to the unthinkable all over again.  Because Bob will not go, Lincoln City Holdings will not come cheap and David Holdsworth looks like he will outlive us all.  Remember how he stated he would never bankrupt a football club?  We may well have enough to avoid going down without any points deduction complications, but perhaps his tenure might still see that come to pass after all.  Because without enough fans, who are the lifeblood and the raison d’etre of a Football Club. The sums will simply never add up.

Lincoln City F.C. badge.png

The September Seven
Sat 01st Lincoln City 1-1 Ebbsfleet United
Tue 04th Lincoln City 1-2 Alfreton Town
Sat 08th AFC Telford 1-1 Lincoln City
Sat 15th Lincoln City 3-2 Hyde
Sat 22nd Tamworth 1-0 Lincoln City 15:00
Tue 25th Lincoln City 2-1 Nuneaton 19:45
Fri 28th Forest Green v Lincoln City 19:45

Lincoln City F.C. badge.png

October’s Games
Sat 6th Lincoln City v Luton 15:00
Tue 9th Mansfield v Lincoln City 19:45
Sat 13th Wrexham v Lincoln City 15:00
Sat 27th Lincoln City v Stockport 15:00

Lincoln City F.C. badge.png

Newport 11 8 1 2 12 25
Forest Green Rovers 11 7 3 1 10 24
Wrexham 11 6 4 1 11 22
Grimsby 11 5 5 1 11 20
Luton 11 6 2 3 3 20
Dartford 11 6 1 4 7 19
Macclesfield 10 6 1 3 4 19
Tamworth 11 5 1 5 1 16
Woking 11 5 1 5 0 16
Mansfield 10 5 1 4 -1 16
Hereford 11 5 1 5 -3 16
Gateshead 11 4 3 4 0 15
AFC Telford 11 3 5 3 2 14
Southport 11 3 4 4 -5 13
Lincoln City 11 3 3 5 -2 12
Braintree To 11 3 3 5 -4 12
Alfreton Tow 10 3 3 4 -5 12
Stockport 11 2 5 4 -2 11
Cambridge 11 2 4 5 -6 10
Nuneaton 11 2 4 5 -7 10
Barrow 11 2 4 5 -8 10
Ebbsfleet 11 2 3 6 -8 9
Kid’minster 11 1 5 5 -4 8
Hyde 10 1 3 6 -6 6

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  1. while I accept what you are saying about the way the team is going, I dont see who is going to relace the board or the manager. there is nobody waiting in the wings to finance the imps and the managers job is a poison chalice, with no money to spend on players if and when a new manager came in. think we need to stop moaning and sending all these negative things on the forums and go and support this team and help them to improve

    • Preaching to the converted there Dave, STMI is a football first site but from time to time we do cover the warts and all stuff to ensure the fans are kept up to date. We always try to be positive and objective with the match reports. If you ever want to send a story in or a memory we are always happy to print it

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