The Fans Agenda

Tonight at 7 p.m the Lincoln City Board will meet the Lincoln Supporters Group at Sincil Bank. The stakes could not be higher in the all Imps affair, with both sides getting around the negotiating table, to discuss the level of ambition and future direction of the club.  What are the intentions of Lincoln City Holdings? What of the community aspect?  The agenda, including  the playing side and of course manager David Holdsworth, is listed below, along with the members of the group representing the fans. STMI will be there to give an objective report on the evenings events.

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 Lincoln City Banter Logo



Introduction of members present


Finance, including LCH;immediate and long term future


Strategic Planning


Playing side, Pro Budget, Youths and DH


Marketing of the Club


Community aspect


Any other business

The Names of the Supporters Representatives are as follows. 

Lincoln City Banter Logo


Jonathan Battersby

45, Former bakery owner, now freelance food industry consultant.
4th generation supporter since 1973 and Lincoln City Supporters Trust Board Member
St.Andrews Stand regular


Jay Dumphreys

42, Freelance energy assessor
Supporter for 38 years, sit in Coop lower tier with my 8 year old son


Marcus Needham

Principle Information Officer at LCC, responsible for calculation for the count and formula for the Counties’ 350 schools with a budget of £450m, including strategic reporting.
Stacey West regular


James Hoy

26, Currently a Masters Student in Architecture
Supporter for 20 years


David Kirkbright

24, Student at Lincoln College and keen amateur Blogger,
Coop Upper tier for last 11 years


Paul Walker

39, Studied business and engineering at University both in Holland and Germany, now company director of my own business for over 10 years
City supporter for over 25 years


Linda Hodson

Lifelong City Fan for more years than I care to remember


Paul Wilson

55, employed as an accountant in Derby, have been watching City since 1967, having lived in Leicester since 1979.
Have been a season ticket holder for many years, but this season just paying on the day. I’ve invested £10,300 in LCFC so can be described as one of the larger shareholders.
Sit in Coop Upper Tier


Keith Roe

70, Successful local businessman and former LCFC director with many years experience in business and football administration

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