Judgement Day – Or Papering Over Cracks?

The planned official fans protest for tomorrow, ahead of  an early season, albeit vital, six-pointer  against Hyde FC, has been called off , with the Lincoln City fans now meeting the board, face to face across the negotiating table. This historic discussion will take place next Wednesday at 7 sharp (STMI wish our peers well), but judgement day on the field will come on the morrow you feel. The 15th September, this Sincil super Saturday is judgement day.

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Attention rightly now moves  to the Hyde game, for matters on the field will ultimately do more to resurrect the fortunes of our club than anything else.  Destiny awaits as come 5 o’clock we will troop away four down in the defining seven games that we all hoped could give our beloved club, the time it needed to at least partially heal.  With fears that the gate could be around the 1500 mark again, now only wins can save the Imps from the path to a second administration, Bob from losing his pension and David Holdsworth his job.

The typical wage in this area and unemployment play a factor, but in truth it is only results on the pitch that can get the fans back through the turnstiles. This must happen and soon or the padlocks will be on those gates we pass on our way back to the realities of £6.08 an hour in the feudalism, we now know as modern Britain.  The rights, wrongs and historical analysis, of our romantic escape from the bleak, though incredibly relevant, cannot mask the fact that Lincoln City is to all intents and purposes a football team.  If the Imps wish to remain at the heart of the community the team must inspire and champion local pride. For each passing game we the fans die a little more inside.

That is not,  to in any way underestimate the passion that the fans, the lifeblood of any football club, still have. The lifelong Sincil stakeholders, have the right to a big say in what goes on at our club. Indeed in Germany, fans are as integral in the football boardroom, as the  unions are in the decision-making process within the work-place. There is also no doubt that many Lincoln fans are staying away, due to what they perceive to be poor directorial and managerial policies. The desire is for regime change, with many questions over investment still unanswered.  Whether that will change on Wednesday remains to be seen.

The fans certainly have statistical precedent on their side and rightly feel hurt. The latest manager has signed an incredibly large amount of players at both Mansfield and now the Imps, yet finds himself short of players due to injury.  Sympathy is therefore hard, although the team should not confuse this angst with a desire to see them achieve anything other than three points tomorrow or in any match they play.   It is widely recognised that the side has shown fight, but it is results and quality we need to get the turnstiles clicking.

They say you make your own luck in football, but we are where we are, because we deserve to be and looking back in anger will serve no purpose this close to judgement day.  A key precursor to that judgement day comes tomorrow. A win against Hyde will kick start the season, it can also begin the healing process. It can give The Mighty Imps time to see that lessons can be learnt.   Because the desire to come back through those turnstiles is the fastest way to reduce the £10,000 per home game losses that Bob is currently subsidising.  Without that it is just a question of how long we can go on and indeed can there even be a future for a full-time football club with so few fans?  To break the law of diminishing returns will take cash, inspiration and perspiration.


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