Bill Anderson & Lincoln City Managers 1947-72.

Bill Anderson spent 19 years at the club and with 2 grand built a team that would go on to spend 9 years of the fabulous fifties in what is now the Championship.  Cross yourselves Imps for this lad lived but a stones throw from the ground in a club house a million miles from Branston Hall’s opulence and he returned us from the dead one season with just a heater and its cinders for inspiration warmth and comfort. He was the man, the godfather of the ‘clan’. You have to feel he edges Colin Murphy or even Graham Taylor for the title of Lord of The Imps.

Hailing from the North East footballing hotbed, Bill was simply immense, cobbling together side after side and ensuring the G-Force (Graver and Graver scored for fun in those fabulous fifties. A heady heyday with nine years of Championship (then Division Two) football, as the mighty Imps stood toe to toe with the big boys. Forget Dell Boy, or any cockney charmer, Bill could wheel and deal with the best of them. With our budget, as ever, he would need to.  He was given the manager’s job in July 1947 after Joe McClelland’s unspectacular stint  came to a ‘mutual’ end. Jackpot! Bill cobbled together two grand and built a title winning side to win the 3rd Division North. The heady heights of Division 2 lasted but a season as we were relegated,  after the side was sold off around him.

He vowed a return within 3 years and delivered, at the Cods expence 3 points off a staggering pace. Bill was true to his word and some in that 51/52 season. We netted 121 goals with five grand (the fee not the wage!) Graver getting 36 goals, Jonnie Garvie 21 and bow legged Ernie Whittle 20. We would hold our heads high until the sisxties including the great escape of 1957-58: when Lincoln produced the most dramatic escape from relegation in League history winning our last 6 games. Bill defied gravity until 1960-61 when the financially impossible dream ended as we went down bottom. The following year the same thing happened as the financial position worsened and we were relegated to the Fourth Division, though Bill stayed on in the job until retirement in 1965. Bill Anderson was our longest serving manager from Jul 1947-Jan 1965 overseeing 762 League games, winning 276, drawing 168, losing 318 and enjoying a win rate of 36%. How we stayed in business then was down to saviour Heneage Dove and the great Imp above.
You would think Bob’s Chris Sutton decision was a strange one, well a man, not the beer; called Moulson was the shock choice to be the club’s new manager. Despite the ex player, named Con, being 58 and having no day-to-day involvement in football for almost three decades, he was given the job and literally rode in from Ruston’s on his bike. The 3-3-4 formation was revolutionary, but after only eight matches, all defeats, and 21 goals conceded, Moulson was given a part time job as kit man and resumed work at the factory where taking out his frustrations on metal plates. We`ll leave the stats as this is one 100% record no one wants brought up.

The board then brought in ex legend Roy Chapman to similar effect though he won 16 and lost half of his 68 games. The steadying influence of Gray at least ensured we did not have to apply for re election during his four-year tenure. Gray`s only lasting legacy however is our Red Imps nickname. Gray`s record from Oct 1966-May 1970 was as follows P 172 W 59 D 51 L 62 – win %AGE 34. Bert Loxley then tried the task from Jul 1970-Mar 1971 and would remain as kit man until 1986. P 31 W 11 D 4 L 16 WIN %AGE 35.5

The Imps then hired a famous ex striker by the name of David Herd who would last just over two seasons despite having a reasonable record (Mar 1971-Dec 1972 P 82 W 30 D 30 L 22 win %age 36.6). So this bodes well for Chris Sutton, well hushed up scandal apart anyway. We would then move on to another untried expro The one the only GT – Graham Taylor OBE. And Heneage Dove hired him and backed him during those tricky early days.

Bill Anderson Jul 1947-Jan 1965
P 855 W 307 D 189 L 359
WIN %AGE 35.91

Con Moulson Jan 1965-Mar 1965
P 8 W 0 D 0 L 8
WIN %AGE 0.00

Roy Chapman Mar 1965-Oct 1966
P 68 W 16 D 17 L 35
WIN %AGE 23.53

Ron Gray Oct 1966-May 1970
P 172 W 59 D 51 L 62
WIN %AGE 34.30

Bert Loxley Jul 1970-Mar 1971
P 31 W 11 D 4 L 16
WIN %AGE 35.48

David Herd Mar 1971-Dec 1972
P 82 W 30 D 30 L 22
WIN %AGE 36.59

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