Rant: An Utter Sincil Shambles But Its Carry on Bob & Reg.

With everyone patting themselves on the back after a 1-1 draw at Telford, the reality is,  the Imps are third from bottom of the Blue Square Premier.  Three  games into the defining seven we have just two points to our name and, find ourselves nearly half way through a relatively clement run of fixtures.  October you feel will be as unforgiving as the fans.

Thanks for reading Vic Erzantarz.


Those running our club into the ground, have surely now used up the loyalty and sympathy cards. The ‘supporters’ so disenfranchised by that awful official statement and the shocking demise of the football club, have been pushed to the limits.  Now the low gates are being blamed for the clubs financial state even though the fans have been badgered into putting more than the gate money in at every opportunity.  Mind you it is still not enough to get the rank and file into the newly refurbished corporate lounge.

As STMI have said before – death by a thousand cuts. Is admin perhaps the best chance or will the Holding Company get in first there too? The reality is that those who have wanted to invest have been denied so many times, some might think the phoenix club route is their only chance.

Holdsworth, Bob Dorrian and those associated with the Holding company have to go as they are clearly out of their respective depths.  The manager has hired and fired a cast of thousands and makes more excuses than Comical Ali. As for Bob who has snubbed every shareholder at the community club thanks to the formation of the Holding company and the Great Share Give-away. Well we have…………


No trust in  you after the holding company,


No faith after countless poor decisions,


No respect after untold PR gaffs.


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