When’s The Vote Of Confidence Then Bob?

The Telford Away game or Hyde at Home next Saturday, surely has to be the straw that breaks the Camel’s back for David Holdsworth. Bob has backed him until now, but surely the Chairman must be on the radio some time soon with the dreaded vote of confidence. In football that is normally a precursor to the sack, with fans and managers seeing it at an ominous sign.

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Holdsworth can, with a degree of justification,  use injuries as a defence. But he is the one that paid off an experienced centre half and he is the one that has farmed the youth out on loan. But as ever it gets worse with Reg, 103 signings for just the one wicket, in three years. Despite admitting we had no money, he brought in one for later Geoffrey Gouveia . Let us not forget so far no show Mo. Despite impressing on trial, the French midfielder has not even been able to get  in front of Power, who has been shocking this season.


No wants a footballer to get injured, but his absence today in a cobbled together side will be a blessing in disguise. We have been playing with 10 men every time he plays. Hopefully Connor will put on the style today. If he does will it save Holdsworth’s Lincolnshire bacon or rub his snout in it?


But with us already two down in the defining seven, the biggest joke of all would have to be Bob Dorrian sacking Holdsworth on the basis of his track record.  Irony upon Irony? Or is it just the continuation of the Emperors new clothes panto we are expected to swallow by Madam Butterfly. Three cheers for the community spirit and remember you have to be prepared to swallow a double dose of collective responsibility, if you want to call yourself a true Imp.

Lincoln City F.C. badge.png

Sat 01st Lincoln City 1-1 Ebbsfleet United 15:00
Tue 04th Lincoln City 1-2 Alfreton Town 19:45
Sat 08th AFC Telford v Lincoln City 15:00
Sat 15th Lincoln City v Hyde 15:00
Sat 22nd Tamworth v Lincoln City 15:00
Tue 25th Lincoln City v Nuneaton 19:45
Fri 28th Forest Green v Lincoln City 19:45

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