Yeo Urges Bob To Talk For Imps and Peace Sake

Simon Yeo sympathises with the plight of crisis club Lincoln City and the once Mighty Imps long suffering fans. Simon feels the fans have every right to make their feelings heard but urges dialogue with the board first, before resorting to the only other option – exercising our right to be heard.

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Simon Yeo At Work

Simon plans to come to the Hyde game on September 15th, the date of the planned protest,  to see two of his ex-sides contest a vital six-pointer. As ever he will be in the Stacey West home end and urges his fellow Imps to come out in numbers.  That after all is where the vital goals are scored and he has some vivid memories in there, particularly that 21 goal season we all so enjoyed. Said Simon of the planned protest.

“The sad demise of the club and its perceived lack of ambition is a regular talking point amongst myself and the ex-Imps that played under Keith. We would follow him everywhere and that loyalty, belief and kinship with the fans, more than made up for lack of ability and tactics. Keith was not the best tactically but he put out a side that believed we would always have enough to be there or thereabouts. The fans respected that honesty and endeavour on the pitch and you magnificently responded in your droves.”

Simon urges the fans to talk to the board first, to see if they will come good on their promise to discuss things with the fans groups and live up to the collective responsibility chestnut.

“If things are not going well on the pitch people are going to get frustrated and they are entitled to protest. The fans are the lifeblood of every club without them we are dead Imps walking.  Under 1650 fans is shocking and shows just how little faith the fans have in how and where the club is going.   Things have to change and fast before the apathy takes hold and the padlocks go on the gates. Rob Bradley, Keith and the lads fought so hard to ensure that did not come to pass through the hard days of administration.  We need to get some straight answers on the proposed investment, what the Holding Company is all about and why the club is budgeting for such a loss.  If the Chairman believes in collective responsibility then find solutions with the fans, because they are the ones that have to want to come back through the turnstiles to keep the Imps heart beating. ”

Simon urges fans to protest peacefully should an olive branch not be forthcoming from the club. The fans have been eager to meet half-way. Over the weekend Lincoln City Banter has sent an email to the club CEO, asking for a meeting between the chairman, the key club stakeholders and ten of the fans.

“Please keep things peaceful and ask the right questions if the Citizens of this city are to get the honest answers they deserve.  But if this does not work lads & lasses then exercise your right to peaceful protest as there seems no other way to get the change the club needs. The sympathy for you and the clubs cause is wider and stronger than you think.  We need to find someone with more than a few quid to take the club forward.  If me Mazza, Weaves, Futch or Simmo won the lottery we would love to have a crack.  You see I have seen it from both sides. Firstly as a lad who got to live the dream and make you proud and now as a fan.  But it’s hard to keep paying £16-£18 when you feel empty inside and the mates you used to enjoy going with are making a stand.  OK, we want the results, the entertainment in exchange for our money. £18 is the bargain of the century when you are there or thereabout. But it is a tough ask at a tenner when it feels like your team is not doing its city proud and it has become separated from its fans. Everyone needs to look at tactics if they want to move forward. Keith’s tactics as I said before were not the best. But we went out there to represent Lincoln every week.  Regular results and a fighting spirit is what brings in the crowds at Lincoln. We know we are never going to be Premier League, but the football League is our birthright and a return sooner rather than later has to be the aim. For Keith, Simmo and, me as a player and now as a fan; being there or thereabouts is what it is all about.  I bet it is for you too.”


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