Rob Bradley Ponders The Imps Dilemnas

STMI caught up with Rob Bradley this morning  to canvass his opinions on the fans intentions to engage in dialogue with the board first, before resorting to the only other option – exercising our right to be heard.

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Here are the questions we posed

  • As you may or may not be aware there is a protest planned by the fans for Sept 15th, the date of the Hyde home game.  This would be peaceful, but it is hoped we could avoid it should Chairman Bob Dorrian agree to a meeting between himself, the stakeholders and 10 of the fans. What are your thoughts, as a fan, on the way forward?
  • Do you feel that a culture of openness with regard to the Holding Company’s intentions would placate fans fears over any plans over the stadium.
  • Are there any plans that you know of currently under consideration and are these under non disclosure for commercial reasons.
  • At a time when facts and focused thought is paramount, there is another of these rumours that you approached the board last week on behalf of a French investor and that these were rebuffed.  I know it was definitely not Michael but can you pass comment on this or lay the rumour to rest.
  • There are no easy solutions to the Imps problems and though STMI appreciate you want to take a step back to allow those now running the club a chance to do things their way have you any advice for the fans as and when a meeting takes place?
  • Do you have any thoughts on the coming season or words to inspire as get the crowds back through the turnstiles or someone else may need to put their house on the line.


Robs responses were as follows, they may not provide all the answers we are looking for, but we appreciate his open and honest answers as ever.

My ‘grouped’ answer, as follows:

‘Thanks for the questions. I’m at the stage these days where, as someone who used to be involved in the club, I think I could easily be considered a pain by people currently in the hot seats for spouting off. I don’t want to do that because they have a difficult job on their hands and lots of problems to solve and they don’t need someone who’s had their turn waffling on.


There are a couple of things I’d like to respond to though. I have no ‘French Connection’ (apart from a nice camping holiday we had in Brittany once) and have never tried to introduce any French based investor to the club. If the fans wish to meet the board (remember the chairman conveys the views and decisions of the board as a whole) then that’s fine, and I’m sure the club or the trust or both can arrange a meeting or a fans forum. As regards a fans protest, I’m sure this wouldn’t have been thought of if we’ve made it 2-0 on Saturday as we should have done, before we let in an equaliser. Surely six games isn’t enough to start questioning the chairman / board / club in gerenal. And what happens if we, say, beat Alfreton and draw at Telford – are protests or urgent meetings going to happen then? For the record, I’ve many reservations about the holding company and what that means in terms of ownership and investment, but that discussion is maybe for another time.

I’ll finish there before I contradict myself on the waffling front. Let’s hope we win on Tuesday night and start to put a run together. That’d be the best thing to happen for everyone who cares about Lincoln City.’



For those who missed his Q & A on April 18th this year, this is also worth a read – click here


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