Mike Foley Feels Fans Pain

With a fans protest planned for September 15th, Mike Foley, another of those mystery investors the board have turned down, has told Save the Mighty Imps just how frustrating it is to be forced to sit on the sidelines.

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Mr Foley had this to say when he spoke to Save The Mighty Imps earlier today. A man of few words, who likes money and well planned business strategy to be to the fore, his short answer to the calamitous board was “Go!” But he feels our pain and of course shares the fans frustrations.


“I don’t think I was as depressed as this even at the time of Administration. At least then we could all pull together and see a Phoenix rise from the ashes. All I see now is ashes. Ashes upon ashes. And all this from a Chairman / Board guilty of one disastrous strategic error of judgement after another and serial mismanagement. Dorrian’s record as Chairman must be the WORST in our over 100 year history, and worsening by the match / minute. And still he can afford to turn down / scare away potential investors and shun help offered by life-long supporters. Aided and abetted by a Supporters Trust implicit in the Great Share Robbery. May they NEVER be forgiven for what they have done to OUR Club.


STMI put the following to Mr Foley with regard to the club’s plight: The fans were AGAIN willing to give the Manager and Chairman the benefit of the doubt. However it looks like many have already made their decision and decided not to pay through the turnstiles. This is more alarming than what is going on, on the pitch. And this alone needs for direct action to be taken against Chairman. This is his 4th Season and what have we achieved? WHAT? absolutely nothing!! We have been in reverse for his whole leadership and we are about to vanish in to either the BSN or we are going to cease to exist!!  The Chairman was even on the radio yesterday defending a budgeted loss, at a crisis club now hemorrhaging £10,000 a week under his stewardship,  unless we get the gates up an unrealistic 2,800-3000 gate.  This despite the board affording the manager a paltry 400,000 budget according to his comments to the official BSP site a few weeks ago. ARE WE going to sit there and let this happen?? Injuries, budget, players, managers? No the problem is the leadership from the top and until it is changed WE ARE DOOMED.

As concise and to the point as ever Mr Foley replied:  I am not going to argue with any of that. It’s death by a thousand cuts. A chicken is put out of its agony rather more quickly….
Mr Foley also pointed out that Bob Dorian was also in charge of the pro-football activities in the latter part of Steff Wright’s tenure (Mr Wright was in fact not part of the selection committee that chose Chris Sutton) so Mr Dorrian’s responsibility for these catastrophes actually goes back quite a long way indeed. He’s certainly written himself into the LCFC history book…..as possibly the worst Chairman EVER.  he has got no credibility left and it is difficult to imagine anyone less likely to inspire confidence. No wonder people stay away in droves….
For those who want a recap of Mike Foleys open letter to Bob Dorian in March of this year click the STMI article HERE

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