Imps 1 Ebbsfleet 1 A Cry For Holdsworth Out From The Stacey West

Ebbsfleet United were well worth their point yesterday , perhaps more, in truth as a fair  reflection of their honest toil and endeavour,  as the Imps went one up on three before delivering a performance as proactive as parking the bus for long periods. That just 1647 fans bothered to show, illustrates Holding Company Bob and Holdsworth must surely go, before the fates further conspire to clamp a padlock on the Sincil gates. The fear and Loathing In Lincoln City is reaching boiling point and come the September 15th Demo, let us hope the percieved corrupt regime will finally be carried away with the popular flow.

For the benefit of  those visiting the site for the first time, first the teams & schemes, then the match report and finally more stats than you can shake an Imps or Fleet fan at. Thank you for reading Neil Gentleman-Hobbs, 

Lincoln City F.C. badge.png V Gravesend and Northfleet F.C. logo

Lincoln City 1-1 Ebbsfleet (H/T 1-0)

Saturday  1st September K.O at 3 pm


Nicolau 3 Bellamy 62  

Att  1682

Imps 1647 Fleet 35

Ref Mr Whitely


The Teams & Schemes 

Lincoln City F.C. badge.png 

Lincoln City



1 Farman

15 Gray 19 Hutchison 5 Boyce 3 Nutter

12 Sheridan 8 Power 4 Mills  16 Nicolau

10 Taylor  34 Larkin



66 Robson for Mills 71 Double substitution Oliver for Larkin & Robinson for Nicolau


22 Turner 2 Robson 18 Bore 39 Robinson 14 Oliver

Gravesend and Northfleet F.C. logo

The Fleet



1 Edwards

 2 Stone,   5 Walsh 6 Lorraine 14 Howe

4 Ada

 18 Azeez 15 Barrett 11  Phipp,

   10 Ashikodi, 7 Enver-Marum



57 Double sub  Elder for Enver-Marum & Bellamy for Barrett 92 Greenhaigh for Akishodi


12 Lucas Menz 3 Ryan Blake 16 Bellamy 17 Greenhalgh 9 Elder


But to the game footy fans to the game……………..

The Imps kicked off, embracing, well initially it seemed the first of the winnable seven.  Boyce won a magnificent challenge in the centre and Mills sent a beauty wide to Nicolau.  He skinned his man, and fizzed a daisy cutter into the corner passed a startled Edwards.  Taylor then fired wide before the Fleet put the mainsail up with Ada getting to grips with things as the one in front of the back four (4-1-3-2).  Power, a passenger again, did get one 20 yard shot away but out he was snuffed.

The Fleet were full of movement, particularly on the counter, particularly Azeez, Akishodi, PHipp and Enver-Marum. The former gave Nutter a day we will certainly want to forget, his worst for me since losing the captaincy.  A Boyce slip saw Farman save us a gain as he made himself big at the feet of Akishodi.  A fantastic save, saw our number one palm Barrett’s header clear the bar by a fiver’s breadth at best.  Boyce magnificently headed forth Ebbsfleet’s corner.

The Fleet looked like the home side for long periods with Mills alone in the middle but still willing to get all over the pitch in an attempt to lift the troops.  One wonderful 30 yard cross-field peel found Larkin, who has neat feet, but most of our  balls went to the head or foot of magnetic number five, Walsh. he and Mills you felt deserved the respective man of the match awards.

Larkin put Sheridan away, but his half shot – they all count to the stato’s- gave us a throw. Gray’s long throws saw the relatively diminutive Larkin and Taylor beaten time and again by Walsh, Lorraine and Ada’s central triangle.  Larkin did get one howitser away but comfortably cleared the bar and hit a darkened Exec Box window.  We were at 6’s and sevens at Fleet’s fifth corner of the game, but an unmarked Walsh fortunately half-volleyed inches wide.

Second Half

Holdsworth always seems to keep the faith at the interval, although Daish could be forgiven for giving his lively lads further opportunity to shine on the Sincil stage. It is still a prize in some eyes.  The Imps mirrored the first half early doors. A probing Ball from gray found Taylor but Lorraine charged his drive down.  A Gray throw saw Boyce find Taylor, the faithful held their breath, but the goal machine volleyed down Edwards throat.  Larkin beat his man but again shot high and wide of the target.

Daish sensed the opportunity to take advantage of the let off’s and change the tempo and tone of the match metronome.

A long forward ball from Boyce then released Larkin who got the better of his marker before drilling over. A sweeping move down the left then ended up with the visiting defence hurriedly clearing from a dangerous Nicolau centre. On 57 Bellamy came on for Barrett and Elder for  Enver-Marum. Route one you felt with some box to box midfield intervention beside. It took 3 minutes, when after a previous warning Walsh cleared to Azeez, who beat two before squaring to Bellamy who hit an absolute hay-maker straight into the middle of the net.  Farman read it but he was beaten by a bullet that whistled passed his fist.

Robson then came on for Mills who had been tireless again.  This saw even more midfield dominance from the visitors. In truth we play with 10 each week with Power playing hide but rarely seek. Boyce did just enough to force 6′ 4″ Elder’s header wide.  The arrival of Oliver and particularly Robinson, lifted the spirits of the crowd. The latter, our young hero who sees the merits of a ‘brilliant managers’ methodology – bless the Echo for that and the fact that the economy, not the clubs fan alienation policies – are why the crowd is so low.

Fortunately Farman always appears alert to the dangers hereabouts and made a magnificent full length save save to earn a point. Another from Azeez who was having a ball and clearly respects and relishes playing on the Sincil stage.  He was through again, but denied once more by Farman before pub player Power’s  cross beat everyone.  Oliver did manage to head down a cross from Connor but it was head to glove, with the bounce taking any sting.  Farman then claimed a cross from off of the nose of Elder with City glad to glean a point.


Time to Protest September 15th Sincil Bank.


You have to wonder when blunder Bob and his loss making attendance and Holding company strategy will come home to roost and ensnare Sincil Bank.  They will continue the message board antics and the legal threats.  But we feel, on September 15th, the fans will unite and they will show the arrogant Lincoln City Cabal what collective responsibility can really achieve.


Lincoln City F.C. badge.png V Gravesend and Northfleet F.C. logo

Saturday  1st September K.O at 3 pm

Lincoln City 1-1 Ebbsfleet (H/T 1-0)




44% Ball  56%

5 Shots on 7

Misses 5

Saves 4

Corners 9

Offside 4

Fouls 6

0 Yellows 0

Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1 Newport County 6 5 0 1 14 7 7 15
16 Woking 6 2 0 4 8 14 -6 6
17   Lincoln City 6 1 2 3 7 9 -2 5
18 Nuneaton 6 1 2 3 9 12 -3 5
19   Ebbsfleet United 6 1 2 3 10 14 -4 5
20 Southport 6 1 2 3 6 12 -6 5
21 Alfreton Town 6 1 1 4 7 16 -9 4
22 Barrow 6 0 3 3 3 9 -6 3
23 Hyde FC 6 0 2 4 4 10 -6 2
24 Kidderminster Harriers 6 0 1 5 3 9 -6 1

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