Rose Tinted The Imps Agony Aunt Wants to Help.

Many of you know me as an optimist and I think it is time I opened my surgery and letters page up to cleanse the souls of certain Imps who may feel they need to get their woes off their chests. Please keep the language clean as we will not be able to print your opinions and cries for help otherwise.

Although this first one may be an optimist penned by myself.. ooops I mean with shares my  loyal and optimistic view we are more than happy to print others. Just fill in a comment at the bottom and we will print your opinions or questions as to the clubs demise.

Dear Rose,

I have been going to see the Imps for 128 years and some of these young City fans do not know how lucky they are.  I don’t mind an empty stadium, no atmosphere, a s***  team on the pitch, poor facilities,  prison food catering and the redolent stench of despondency all around.
I say stick with Reg, there is nothing to beat the excitement of plenty of transfer activity. Give me quantity over quality every time in exchange for £16 entry fee and the opportunity to see our lads show how hospitable our chaps in red and white can really be.

Things are only going to get harder until we can find the natural level our wonderful board feel is right for their vision.  When that day comes I for one will be happy to flick the doggy stools from the pitch as the players come out of the gents.

Yours Phil Atio.

Rose says

Indeed Phil, although I do not for one minute swallow that as your real name,  I might answer this a little tongue in cheek, sometimes we just have to take a deep breath and thank heavens that we have such a wonderful Chairman, entrepreneurial manager and a brand new holding company that is sure to know just how to pull those strings.


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