Defeat The Fleet A’fore Another Imp is turned to Stone

The visit of Ebbsfleet United, sees the first of two home games for the Mighty Imps, with Alfreton to follow on Tuesday in similar vein.  Forget being neat we must sink the Fleet for three points will sow the seed we need to accomplish a holy 6 point deed.  These are both six -pointers but no one will anoint us with twelve as City delve to shelve,  the destiny sweeping down Steep Hill for another managerial kill. Are we alone,  in fearing that mythical hymn-book angel who seems so prone, will turn yet another Imp to stone? Oh ye faithless, do not groan, for Saviour Saint Jamie will astound, be Sincil crowned and take the throne.

Thank you for reading Neil Gentleman-Hobbs now to the teams & schemes

A warm welcome to Fleet & Imps fans to the first phase of the Sincil super Saturday STMI match zone. First the teams & schemes followed by a pretty graphic showing both sides heroes in their positions. May football as ever be the victor.

Lincoln City F.C. badge.png V Gravesend and Northfleet F.C. logo

Saturday  1st September K.O at 3 pm


The Teams & Schemes


Although Ebbsfleet played 4-1-3-2 in the defeat to Luton we can expect a return to 4-4-2 or perhaps even 4-3-3 against the Imps. Enver-Marum could join the front-men or play as a winger along with 6 ft Phipp, who can also play as a central midfield play-maker . We do seem vulnerable down the flanks and Enver-Marum, who scored 13 last term, already has two this, as does Phipp.  Central midfielders Mills and Power should be too clever for Barrett and Bellamy, who is just back from a ban (a double yellow).  So far this season Fleet have earned 9 yellows and two reds, with Enver-Marum, centre-half Ada and Bellamy on two a piece.  Bore will hopefully cause problems while reliable Sheridan will have his work cut out dealing with Phipp.

This game is made for Jamie Taylor and Larkin should get off the mark too.  Ada has already seen red and captain Lorraine is a brave fellow too, suggesting there may be a goal from the spot in the Sincil plot.  Bore should plunder here as Stone is a midfielder, by trade, not a right-back.  Gray’s throws should cause havoc too, as we will have height and physical presence thanks to the return of Boyce and Miller.

If Hutchison and Grey had been in the centre Elder and Akishodi would have posed a big threat, especially with Robson and Nutter having to deal with the height, pace and trickery of Phipp, as well as Enver-Marum down the flanks. However with Boyce and Miller likely to back we should be able to contend with 6′ 3″ Elder and Akishodi, a dynamite sprite and no slouch at 5′ 10″.  Grey and Nutter will be able to deal with the wide men as and when they swap, with Miller and Boyce in support.  We have a terrific back four when they are fit, it is just the rest of the side that needs to stand and deliver this Sincil super Saturday.

Lincoln City F.C. badge.png 

Lincoln City



1 Farman 

15 Gray 20 Miller 5 Boyce 3 Nutter

12 Sheridan 8 Power 4 Mills  18 Bore

10 Taylor  34 Larkin

Gravesend and Northfleet F.C. logo

The Fleet 



1 Edwards

 2 Stone,  4 Ada  6 Lorraine 14 Howe

7 Enver-Marum 16 Bellamy 15 Barrett 11  Phipp,

9 Elder   10 Ashikodi,

The full Fleet Squad – Keepers 1 Preston Edwards, 12 Tom McNeill Defenders 2 Craig Stone,  3 Ryan Blake, 4 Patrick Ada, 5 Phil Walsh6 Paul Lorraine ,  14 Joe Howe, Midfielders 15 Neil Barrett, 16 Liam Bellamy, 17 Ben Greenhalph, 18 Lanre Azeez, 20 James Forkes,11 Tom Phipp, Strikers  7 Liam Enver-Marum, 9 Nathan Elder, 10 Moses Ashikodi, 19 Adam Williamson, 

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