Holdsworth’s Mansfield & Lincoln Signings at 102 and Counting.

Having handed out 58 permanent and loan deals at Mansfield Town in twenty-three months, David Holdsworth seems to have upped the pace at Lincoln City with another 44 in just 44 weeks. With a  deal done every 6.76 days at Sincil Bank, across the 276 days he has been at the helm, is it jobs for the boys or all down to his charm, chat and poise? Clearly STMI do not want to rock the good ship Sincil at the latest critical time for the Imps, but surely it begs the question why Chairman Bob Why?

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Mr Holdsworth suggests he will never bankrupt a club. However  clubs are as dependant on income generated as outgoings.  The Imps board know they will lose money this year based on a 2,000 budgeted gate, suggesting 3,000 would be just the ticket to plug the gaps. Yet so far, with both games on a Saturday remember, the average is 2061, with the trend very much downward, with 1943 home fans for the opener and 1931 for yesterdays 70% no show on the pitch.

There is naturally every chance the figures may be boosted with some big away followings this year,  to last seasons pretty awful 2347, but don’t hold your breath, with the fans sick to death of the revolving door policy again this season.  The Saxilby trains are lucky to have 3 Imps aboard this season when fifty plus would have been the norm not that long ago. Ditto Newark. Clearly and thankfully for the club and the manager,  the stay-aways outnumber the malcontents on the forums nowadays. But then that is the focus and mentality at a club that gives the amateur ethos a bad name.

Holdsworth only just managed to avoid relegation last season even though he brought in 21 players in 5 months – yes almost two teams.  Thus far in season 2012/13,  25 different sets of negotiations, have seen him still feel he is two or three short. No wonder he did not have time to go on holiday – please Bob reign him in and give him the extended holiday he deserves. We have the 6 youths, given deals, amidst a fanfare of faith in youth, only to be farmed out.  Nicky Nicolau, Alan Power and Sam Smith were also offered new deals in the summer.

Then we have 14 further deals; 11 permanent deals, one loan and the two non contract deals. The latter includes Mark McCammon on the good old pay per play (yes he’s picked up two fees in two),  who had left at end of last season.  Remember we still managed to sign old 6 foot 5 concrete shoes from Braintree, after the transfer window closed, via Sheffield as a lender of last resort. They then loaned him to us. We also got Tom Richardson from Sheffield FC. He would go straight to Blythe and disappear without trace –  never to don last seasons pyjamas kit.

Although Miller was a big miss yesterday, perhaps it is just as well Hutchison got a game. Last season Louis Almond, keeper Adam Smith and Matthew Pearson were all recalled early by parent clubs, Blackpool, Leicester and Blackburn respectively. Hopefully Mr Holdsworth will be as keen to see that the fledgelings, he has farmed off, will get the games for which the loan exercise was intended?

The two table’s below show the deals done at Lincoln. The first gives name, date of signing, previous club and the terms of tenure. The second gives the player and the STMI synopsis. Feel free to go back into any of our archives (by month is best) if you wish to read the full history.

We have also included the Mansfield player data at the bottom courtesy of This is Nottingham’s  article (a splendid but harrowing insite into what we have in store HERE). Our data is slightly different but the figures amount to the same – such a shame our local paper are not so inquisitive is it not?

2012/13 S of far
Holdsworths Signings Date From Terms
Colin Larkin 25/08/2012 Free Agent Perm
Mark McCammon 17/08/2012 Free Agent Non contract
Luke Dayley 10/08/2012 Free Agent Non contract
Vadaine Oliver Free Agent Perm
Jake Turner 27/07/2012 Free Agent Perm
Geoffrey Gouveia 25/07/2012 Free Agent Perm
Tom Miller 25/07/2012 Free Agent Perm
Dan Gray 24/07/2012 Free Agent Perm
Adam Smith 24/07/2012 Free Agent Perm
Graham Hutchison 17/07/2011 Birmingham loan
Andrew Boyce 24/05/2012 Gainsborough Perm
Rob Duffy 21/05/2012 Free Agent Perm
Gary Mills 21/05/2012 Nuneaton Perm
Ashley Westwood 21/05/2012 Free Agent Perm
Tom Miller Mar-12 Newport Perm
Marc McCammon Feb-12 Braintree Loan
Nialle Rodney Jan-12 Free Agent Perm
Louis Almond Jan-12 Blackpool Loan
Peter Bore Jan-12 Harrogate Perm
Jefferson Louis Jan-12 Brackley Perm
Paul Robson Jan-12 Free Agent Perm
Tom Richardson Jan-12 Sheffield FC Perm
Karl Watson Jan-12 Free Agent Perm
Matthew Pearson Jan-12 Blackburn Loan
Richard Pacquette Jan-12 Maidenhead Perm
Danny Lloyd-McGoldrick Dec-11 Colwyn Bay Perm
Rob Williams Dec-11 Telford Perm
Jason Beardsley Dec-11 Free Agent Non Contract
Adam Smith (Keeper) Dec-11 Leicester Loan
Luke Medley Nov-11 Kidderminster Loan
Jake Sheridan Nov-11 Free agent Perm
Tyrone Thompson Nov-11 Halifax Loan/perm
Conal Platt Nov-11 Cambridge
Richard Hinds Nov-11 Free Agent Perm
Paul Farman Nov-11 Gateshead Loan

STMI Where are they now

Signing Outcome
Colin Larkin Still at club
Mark McCammon Still at club
Luke Dayley Still at club
Vadaine Oliver Still at club
Jake Turner Still at club
Geoffrey Gouveia Still at club
Tom Miller Still at club
Dan Gray Still at club
Adam Smith Still at club
Graham Hutchison Youth loan until Jan – 0 games but still at club
Andrew Boyce Still at club
Rob Duffy Still at club
Gary Mills Still at club
Ashley Westwood Gone to Portsmouth
Tom Miller left at end of season. Now back
Marc McCammon Left at end of season. Signed via Sheffield & loaned to us (Transfer window closed)
Nialle Rodney Left at end of season
Louis Almond Recalled early by parent club
Peter Bore Still at club
Jefferson Louis Left at end of season.
Paul Robson Still at club – signed new 1 year deal
Tom Richardson Went straight to Blythe never to play for us
Karl Watson Left at end of season.
Matthew Pearson Never played Recalled early by parent club
Richard Pacquette Left at end of season, back on trial this until signed by Bromley
Danny Lloyd-McGoldrick Left at end of season. Not offered new deal
Rob Williams Left at end of season
Jason Beardsley Right back left on Jan 6th by mutual consent after 1 game
Adam Smith (Keeper) Keeper who never played Recalled early on Jan 19th by parent club
Luke Medley 6 sub appearances – Now at Bromley with RP
Jake Sheridan Offered new deal this season
Tyrone Thompson Initially on loan offered deal in Jan then left at end of season
Conal Platt loan 5th Nov, Perm 18 month deal Jan 5th 2012 Still at club
Richard Hinds Signed until end of season yet left for Yeovil in Jan http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/15598542
Paul Farman Served his loan & returned due to injury. Signed this summer


The Mansfield Transfer Era


Gary Mills (Stevenage),  Tyrone Thompson (Torquay), Adam Smith (York), Rob Duffy (Newport),  Kyle Perry (Port Vale),  Jake Speight (Droylsden),  Alan Marriott (Rushden), Curtis Woodhouse (Rushden), Daryl Clare (Rushden), Craig Armstrong (Kidderminster), Luke Jones (Kidderminster), Louis Briscoe (Ilkeston),  Paul Heckingbottom (Bradford), Craig Dobson (free agent), Ollie Hotchkiss (Leeds), Michael Brough (Torquay), Jon Challinor (Cambridge), Andy Burgess (Luton), Luke Foster (Oxford), Neil Collett (Coventry), Jon Shaw (Rochdale), Paul Connor (Lincoln), Steve Foster (Blyth Spartans),  Dan Whatsize (Chesterfield),  Scott Garner (Leicester), Curtis Shaw (Ilkeston), Anthony Howell (Ilkeston), Gianluca Havern (free agent), Paul Mayo (Notts County), Neil MacKenzie (Notts County), Scott Gardner (Leeds), Ryan Williams (Weymouth),  Kyle Nix (Bradford), Tim Sandercombe (Notts County), Luke Graham (Kettering), Steven Istead (Ilkeston), Blair Sturrock (Torquay), Ed Eley (free agent), Chris Smith (Tamworth), Paul Stonehouse (Forest Green), Kevin Sandwith (Oxford), Ashley Cain (Coventry), Keigan Parker (Oldham), Luke Medley (free agent), Lee Gregory (free agent), Adam Murray (Oxford), Danny Mitchley (free agent), Mark Preece (Forest Green).


Mihkel Aksalu (Sheffield United), Rhys Day (Oxford), Simon Grand (Fleetwood), Steve Cook (Brighton), Kevin Pilkington (Luton), Peter Vincenti (Stevenage), Tomi Ameobi (Doncaster), Levi Porter (Leicester), Lee Morris (Hereford), Andy Nicholas (Rotherham),

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