A Rant From Sincil Shades Of Gray

Following defeats to Newport County, Macclesfield Town, Cambridge United and a win against Kidderminster Harriers who are having a train wreck of a season; a lifelong Imps fan and new STMI columnist takes to his key-board and rants for Impdom.

These are the open and honest views of the author and not neccesarily those of STMI, particularly Rose Tinted, who dwells in a place that only allows varying shades of Pink and Brown. Thanks for reading Sincil Shades of Gray.

We live  here

To all fellow Imp supporters, after reading the comments after yet another defeat yesterday I cannot believe what a lot of you now think is acceptable for our beloved club.  Defeats to Newport who were not in existence as they are now 10 year ago, Macclesfield who at best are an average non league side and Cambridge who have been in this league for years is in my eyes is totally and utterly unacceptable.
“Let’s wait and see if we beat some of the sides around us first” say some of you, Well don’t you think that’s what some of those teams are thinking about us eh!! This club has gone from a team that, season in and season out, were pushing for a play off place, yet now you would be happy to see the Imps beat Ebbsfleet and Alfreton.  Yes some decisions at boardroom level have been questionable, since the Keith era,  including appointing Jacko instead of Kevin McDonald. So now let’s look at what has happened since Side-show Bob has been at the helm, since he was first in charge of the footballing side in Steff Wrights last season as Chairman.
The appointment of Chris Sutton, when we were supposed to be looking for an experienced manager?  I think he got a touch starstruck and,  the following season,  when he was chairman, he let him spend the whole of his playing budget in 3 weeks – on players who thought Christmas had come when they got their contracts. Some of them on £75k a year, staying at Branston Hall and having a sprinting coach all paid for by the club and agreed by the Chairman.
The appointment of the ex Southend manager, who we all thought was a good move, until we then found out he was only working part time and didn’t really give a hoot about the club.  Yet the Chairman does nothing about it. The manager then gets us relegated from the Football League and yet again our beloved Chairman doesn’t activate a clause in his contract to get rid of him for nothing,  thus costing the club in the region of £80k in pay offs and wages already paid.
This now leads us onto the present regime/ one man band we have at the helm of our beloved club. He has signed in excess of 40 players in the 10 months he has been in charge averaging out at ONE a week, is this coincidence that the majority of them are players he has signed at least twice? Or is there something we are missing? My suspicions grow daily. Plus there is the fact that he won’t have an assistant manger because he wants the whole management budget of £71k to himself??

The terrible rumours of player fines still circulate  –  common knowledge at Mansfield according to some Stags fans. Yet I digress let’s get back to the appointment of Reg which looked to be a farce. From what we can make out, Side-show offers the job to Thommo (I didn’t want him but in hindsight would be better than what we got).  Thommo then says ‘let me sort out some accommodation for Mick Harford and I’ll ring you in the morning’. Side-show being the egalitarian leader that he is, then presumably takes the view that no one can tell him what you are doing,  He then decides to appoint the bloke who Boston United’s Chairman interviewed twice and allegedly questioned his geographical origin, linked to the little chap downstairs  with no clue on how manage a club and therefore do the job. Not good enough for Boston but good enough for Side-show says it all really.
His remit was to keep us up and reduce the wage bill which he did -only just- with two games to spare.  Now let’s get down to the the nuts and bolts of OUR club. Side-show and his money mad cronies set up a Holding Company thus making it almost impossible to takeover the club should a potential investor or new owner want to buy the club. Fan groups such as LCB under the fanatical enthusiasm of PAUL DAWSON trying to muster up support and money for the club with certain individuals trying to assassinate his character (Editors note –agree with you there) because they are stuck up certain board members backsides, so far they can’t breath without permission.

We now come back to this season which sees a team, which by the sound of things, wants to succeed but, have a manager totally void of tactical awareness and man management, thus being unable to get the best out of them and whose answer is to sign a player a week and loan out all the promoted youth players to all and sundry. It appears this is so that players, who he has previously signed before, can come to LCFC.

Defeats to the teams mentioned at the beginning are not acceptable and neither is the way the club is being run. Sorry for wasting 15 minutes of your lives you will never get back, but I had to get this off my chest. Bob and Reg out I’m afraid but it is still UP THE IMPS and CITY TILL I DIE.  Rant over.

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