We’ll Rave About Ex-Blades Dave – So Says Rose Tinted.

David Holdsworth learned his belief in self discipline and respect at Sheffield United under Howard Kendall but, alas got short shift at Mansfield before he could get time to blend his team. Mr Holdsworth, like Mr Kendall preached discipline and respect: “it did not matter if you were in the reserves or the top earner, you were all treated the same. It made you aware of how to act and treat others.”  Please read the full article in the typically unbiased Echo here, as ever a riveting read.  Such a shame that Sheffield United friendly may never come to fruition.

Another dose of Rose Tinted… the futures bright ’tis red and white. 

Sheffield United logo

Mr Holdsworth, clearly a man who knows the boundaries of decency, goes on to discuss the Olympic ideals and how things have changed since he was a trainee at The Blades under Howard Kendall, a manager who himself made mountains from financial molehills at Sheffield United and then Everton.  This and Graham Taylor’s influence at Watford has shown him how to act and treat others.  Celebration of success should be done at the right time” and as he rightly says Joe Public is sick of those who ‘live without boundaries’.  As he also so rightly says ‘Discipline is a big thing to me in and outside of football.’ Well said sir and long may you continue to live up to such high standards and thus continue to lead by example. Mr Holdsworth may have traded his Sheffield roots for Lincoln but he was instrumental in insisting we returned to our heritage of red and white stripes.

One warning for our manager however, is that he should not bite the hand that feeds.  For the overworked and underpaid Mr Holdsworth concludes the article with another unnecessary dig at the fans, or  ‘supporters’ as the club has errantly referred to many of those who dared to question the clubs, hopefully temporary demise; last season, oh and of course the season before.  I quote again from the esteemed Lincolnshire Echo –  From swearing and abusive language on the terraces to some very hateful facebook pages, the respect in the game is not there like it was. It needs to be addressed, but it is down to people in authority.”  Clearly Mr Holdsworth’s knowledge of the club does not extend back to the days of the Clanford End, or heaven forbid the foundry workers for whom Councillor Bainbridge and Mr Strawson formed this club – ‘for the benefit of two hours of healthy recreation’ as a break from five and a half days of blood sweat and toil.  Though all things are relative things are much more passive now than those Gilbert Blades times.


Although I can agree with the former half of that last comment, the latter is a less than veiled swipe. Surely Mr Holdsworth should not bite the hand that feeds – for passion is an unbridled and, therefore unpalatable beast, particularly in a game so fickle, so short-term, based purely and ominously upon results. Lincoln City Banter has been the real driving force behind the fundraising. They have sponsored 13 shirts (some of whom are already loaned out) and are maintaining the momentum behind the Fans player scheme, one that will boost Mr Holdsworth’s war chest in the transfer window. Mr Holdsworth should perhaps not therefore throw stones in glass houses and realise that Lincoln has been long starved of the success and financial backing that it deserves.  Win games and they will come in their thousands to boost your war chest sir.


Mr Holdsworth, like the Lincoln Holding Company Board of Saviours, who preach collective responsibility with religious zeal, should also realise that technology has forced things to move on. In the good old Sincil sepia old days, fans would discuss things after a game with beer adding to the already boiling blood.  Then it was gone with the wind, like the hot air and bravado. Love and hate are close emotions and, passion will blow hot then cool, but never go cold.  Alas nowadays, the residue of the blast hole, stays there in print for all who choose to look.  Even I, through my Rose tinted specs, can see the love and desire for better within the struggle, strife and torment of the staunchest Imps who have yet to bathe in the wholesome Holdsworth light.


Many of these fans or ‘supporters’, who have done so much to find common ground over the summer, have needed to vent their spleen on the forums as opposed to in the smoking rooms and snugs of the traditional pubs;  to fashion and find a common way.  Change rarely comes without cracking a few eggs as Chairman Bob surely knows from his Chicken and, maybe even blossoming property development interests. The personal intervention and comments over the Leicester and Sheffield United cancellations – and now this – need not be said if he like we are to be focussing, pulling together and creating a positive and seamless team. The fans may be stakeholders from afar, but you need our turnstile clicks. Imps are patient, so Macc and Gateshead apart, please start to deliver on your promises and virtuous vision soon, or even Rose Tinted’s blue sky thinking may not always be there to find you a cloud with a silver lining.


We can only do so much Mr Holdsworth the path shall be chosen ultimately by you and money – certainly the central ill of modern life.  As your illuminating article in the Lincolnshire Echo (such a shame such a local institution is now weekly – let us hope our beloved Imps do not follow suit) concludes:

The managers, the Professional Footballers’ Association, the FA and even parents with young children making their first steps in football, they must start drilling that respect back.


Amen to that and long may you continue to lead by example, to prove that hard work, clean living and the ethical way to do business, can indeed lead us to the promised land.  Atop Steep Hill is the 8th wonder of the World, Lincoln Cathedral – deliver on your crusade and we could make a Saint David of you yet!


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