Pompey Plight Despite Leeds Leaves Westwood In Limbo

Despite the sale of 4 Portsmouth players to Leeds United alone,   including the Norris deal and Nottingham Forest’s interest in defender Greg Halford , proud Pompeys’ position could not be worse, even if Leeds are trying to save them as gallows humour here from the Scratching Shed illustrates. Even ex-Imp Ashley Westwood is still waiting for the League to rubberstamp his role as assistant manager, with Michael Appleton remaining hopeful that he will be working with his new first-team coach some time over the rainbow…..

emblem Portsmouth FC crest 2008.png

Leeds fees 2012/13

Bought Fee Sold Fee
David Norris      
Jason Pearce £500,000 Adam Clayton £800,000
Adam Drury Free Andy Lonergan £250,000
Paul Green Free    
Patrick Kenny £400,000    
Rudolph Austin £200,000    
Luke Varney £300,000    
Andy Gray Free    
Jamie Ashdown Free    
Total £1,400,000   £1,050,000

Many Imps empathise with Pompey and Westwood despite some rivalry, with both praying that there will be a job to go to at all.  Earlier today, the administrators described things as critical. listing seven, no six players now Norris has moved from the liability to the assets column of the beancounters spreadsheet;  who have to leave if the club is to avoid liquidation on August 10th. On the plus side Huseklepp and Lawrence may have takers but Ben Haim, Kanu and Kitson are digging in with the agents still building the trenches. Ben Haim is just a quarter of a million short of   joint administrator Bryan Jackso signing of the deal. Kanu, it is hoped will listen to the dulcit tones of ex-boss Harry Redknapp, for he is demanding £3 million to settle his claim.

Portsmouth FC crest 2008.png

Ashley Westwood  has negotiated his release from Lincoln and you can bet those terms were far more in tune with world of the poor fans – loyal, loud and proud (they do sing up – Fratton Park is an experience – go)  – who are  living the true hell.  The fear that your club is two weeks away from going down is not nice, but then nor is the 400k budget we got this season after we got a £325-£500k bail out last year.  The trouble is the football creditors rule is a pain  and even though the Pompey players are not struggling to feed their families, they like the bankers, do not have any sentiment for the institutions we fans value so much.

Portsmouth FC crest 2008.png

There is always hope however, because there is always a business when you have the mass brand loyalty of Portsmouth.  Good business is clearly where you find it for a former Pompey administrator Andrew Androniko who has crossed the house so to speak and is now representing Ben Haim. Bless him and he has Ben Haim within £250,000 of reaching an agreement.

Portsmouth FC crest 2008.png

Portsmouth’s administrators say they have until 10 August to get rid of their six senior playersor reach agreements with them over wages, that the club is heading for liquidation,  citing a “critical” condition.  But in reality this is a club in crisis versus  player needs cup final. The new owners crealy want to cut eight figures off of the bill.  As the Liquidators put it

Portsmouth FC crest 2008.png

“If the remaining high-cost players do not compromise on their wages or agree to move then we won’t be able to complete the sale of the club and it will close down. It is as simple as that.

“Whilst we sympathise with the players and acknowledge that they are not to blame for the club’s predicament, they do have the power to keep the club going.

“What is certain is that if the club does go into liquidation they are unlikely to receive anything at all. If, however, they agree to leave or conclude compromise settlements then the club has a future.”

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  1. pretty sure we paid Derby the £300,000 they were owed by Portsmouth for Varney

  2. superleeds united

    are you sure we got Varney on free? read on some site 300 000 pund

  3. DirtyLeedsFan

    Good luck Pompey fans. Hope a deal gets done.

  4. ScottMcGarvey

    Thanks for the comment ‘Dirty Leeds Fan’. Should we go under, then I promise you I’ll be keenly looking for your results – especially as you’re edging toward having half our team! ;D

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