3 UP 3 DOWN Fan Power! STMI Urges BSP Fans to Petition, Write To Their MP’s, TV & The Papers

MP’s of BSP Clubs like Luton Town , Impdom,  Grimsby Town, Stockport, Mansfield Town, Stockport County,  Wrexham, Cambridge and all our fellow Blue Square Premier peers should write or email to their local MP’s, the papers, SKY, BBC, ITV demanding 3 up and 3 down. Yes people might say there are more important things going on in the world. But fair is in the air and we need something to take our minds off greed and the Bangsters Casino need to feed.   38 degrees change things this way all the time and certainly live up to their people, power, change motto.

We are starved down here, through a two up two down system that blights and that should not be fair in the peoples game. Stop the dream, kill the passion and the enterprise dies. Is that what we want in a Modern Britain? We are not asking for your money just the right for 3 of us to join the party each season and to increase the flow of money through the game. Its like quantitative easing  but but the inflation wont affect the nation..

The more noise we fans make the more they will listen. The football League vote is laden towards the top and it will cost them nothing. 5 Leagues plus two regional feeders could see dreams fulfilled, enticing investors into the game.

Ask the Sports and Culture Secretary if they can get  the League and the Blue Square Premier around a table and do what is fair.  After an uninspiring  Euro’s the last thing we need is to continue to cut English football in half.  3 up 3 down from League 2 to the BSP would allow passage up and down the pyramid, which could put more of an incentive into lads wanting to play the game now we are in a depression with £400 a week and the chance of getting spotted even though you slipped through the net at 16.

A more affordable football experience, the chance to have a friendly beer with other fans.  That extra place, or two would really fire the imagination fuelled by ambition and local pride and allow people to dare to dream without the fear of failure, that would certainly lead to almost a decade of exile.  That is not British and that is most certainly not fare.  Everybody deserves a second chance. 3 up and 3 down will give us a sporting one at least.


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  1. I agree,, Seeing the effort of the England team,, recon if Jamie Vardy, for example was in there playing, might have made a difference,,, seems England call ups come from top teams, any player below championship level has no chance,, So it is with the BSP 3 up 3 Down would give all a chance . We now have about 50% ex league teams here in the BSP and all will be striving to attain Promotion,,there is very little difference in the BSP and 2nd Division standards,IF ANY ! For ,,eg , Crawley, Stevenage making headway in the higher echelons..After all it dosnt take much to say 3 UP 3 Down or maybe 4 ? And maybe from there the England selectors might notice a few players that will GIVE their All for there Country…

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