Lincolnshire-Wide-Pride – Football League Is Impdom’s Birthright

League Football is Lincoln City and her proud citizens’s birthright. But we are going to have to earn it again – together as a City a United Impdom so to speak.  There are plenty that will be arguing with that boast when the BSP kicks off in August, yet no one has made it back into the league more times than us – 4 and counting. Forget the article in the paper saying the squad is complete – lets give Holdsworth the funds to boost our side and Pimp next season’s ride! Come on Imps get a running total published at least weekly –  get the City behind this. Stockport are at over £150,000 and rising and the Ebbsfleet player fund already stands at £26,000 – here

We owe it to those that have struggled for the Cits (Citizens) aka our Mighty Imps ever since Robert Dawber gave us a field to play on and George Hallam had Impdom on its feet with a hat-trick in our first ever game.  Hats in the air and all sorts by all counts.  That inspired Councillor Bainbridge and Henry Strawson  to get the business community to provide  ’two hours of healthy recreation’ for the foundry workers.  Lincoln City aka The Mighty Imps were one of the original members of the old second Division and we punched above our weight with the top 36 clubs in the country.  Come on  let’s get some Lincoln-wide-pride in our side.

Image Thanks to historical kits – here

This next season will be a pivotal one.  We either start a resurrection or turn out the lights and follow the thousands that have lost the faith following years of scandalous under investment in a 128 year-old local institution.  Its not so much the play-offs or bust but the restoration of local pride is a must.

So how can we the sons and daughters of Impdom help?  Well a prayer ahead of the 3-4 up and 3-4 down vote at the Football League meeting in Portugal would help no end. As would a lottery win to help Bob Dorrian out. For all his sins he is the only one of a shameful board who is doing  what a football club director should do by continuing to put in the cash to keep us going. But the Imps need the City to pitch in just as they have in the past.

Now times are hard for individuals, but together we can give this City a team to be proud of. Built and backed by the businesses and fans – a community backed fifth rise of the Imps can and will happen.  Get your company to follow Jackson Building Centre’s, Bookers and Brown & Starkeys  lead in backing what is becoming a reawakening of Lincoln-wide-pride for our beloved Imps.  Urge your company to buy a ticket. Print off THIS  in A4 or even better A3 and get it on the wall. And don’t forget at least one or maybe a pile of these too .

Lincolnshire flag.svg

Lincoln City F.C. badge.png

Although fans and fans groups have been keen to pitch in the real bulk of the money will only come from the business community engaging with this  initiative. If the groundswell of county-wide pride can excite this sector then £50,000 will be the tip of the iceberg. Some may even enjoy the ride. In embracing the Raffle (Your Business can enter HERE) Jacksons and Bookers Wholesale are inviting their clients to participate.  This form of viral marketing is priceless and will hopefully spur other companies to do the same with their client bases. This will not only see the target exceeded but put the Imps back into the hearts and minds of its citizens.  Go on have a heart pledge £50 to rebuild the pride inside together we can take this county wide.
Image Thanks to historical kits – here
Keep this momentum going with a decent start to the season and the rise of the Imps will begin with 5 home grown in the squad. Those small steps start with every Roofer, Plumber, Heating engineer,   Bathroom fitter and Builder picking up an application form. At £50 a brick the hod will soon fill.  Remember every 100 tickets brings in £5000.  Every fan can do their bit by downloading an application form here and asking the office or accounts department to initiate a whip-round.  We can all play a part, brick by brick. Go on have a heart pledge £50 to rebuild the pride inside together we can take this county wide.
The participating Jackson’s Stores are as follows: – 

Lincoln – Gainsborough – Grantham

Horncastle – Hykeham – Louth

Market Rasen – Scunthorpe – Sleaford

Please support this outstanding initiative or maybe even email your own clients with a link to the application form here. Let us rebuild our football club, together.  Go on have a heart pledge £50 to rebuild the pride inside –  together we can take this county wide. Lincolnshire-wide pride.

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