BSP Vote: 4 Up 4 Down Could see half of BSP Big 8 back in League

With Luton Town,  Wrexham,  Stockport County, Hereford United Mansfield,  Macclesfield, Lincoln City and Grimsby, counting the cost of the great League 2 and BSP divide, an ally has stepped forward to champion the cause for not just three, but four up and four down.



Luton  Town chief Gary Sweet has confirmed that each season spent out of the League is costing them 1.2million.   TV solidarity money alone accounts for £450,000 and the Imps, Stags, Dragons,  Silkmen or any other promoted  BSP sides for that matter, would also expect higher gates. Not only are there more Saturday games but the away support is higher too.

With The Football league Board set to vote on a change at its AGM in sunny Portugal next week, it is of some surprise that we have what appears to be a turkey voting for Christmas.  Barnet have been in the bottom three three years running yet Chairman Tony Kleanthous wants the change and is campaigning for up to FOUR promotion and relegation places. As League 2 representative on the Football League board he also has some clout as well as some votes up his sleeve.

Here is a quote from last weeks Non League Paper in which the aptly named Tony Kleanthous stated”Three years running we’ve been the third bottom club so I think I can speak better than most on this topic. We’d have gone down if the extra place had been there, but none of that changes my view.  As far as I am concerned, it’s absolutely the right thing for football. It’s the dynamic movement between leagues-promotion and relegation-that makes football so great in this country and for us, the fear was the difficulty in getting promoted again. It should be four up for down throughout all divisions.”

Spot on Mr Kleanthous and should a compromise deal of two up plus a play-off place occur it would indeed increase the dynamics within the game. It would make clubs likeLincolnvery attractive to overseas investors with a bit of ambition for a start.  It would also see relegated clubs given an opportunity to return to the league as opposed

The issue is on the agenda to be discussed and voted on at next weeks Football League Annual General Meeting inPortugal.

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