Quiet Week For Reg Or Is It?

The question on everyone’s lips is can David Holdsworth sign a player or two in time for The Lincolnshire Echo to beam IMPSpiration across the back pages this Thursday?  If he can spread mirth and merriment across the Banter page and t’internet a few more will certainly dig deep and  buy a season ticket or even pledge a nifty fifty on the Sincil Bank renaming nose.

David Holdsworth

Busy Bee Dave bagged 5 last week – although in fairness we have come to expect that as an average week – yet all is quiet. Is Impdom becalmed or is this the lull before the storm?

There is talk of a midfielder – a non-league gem – signing unless Tyrone agrees a deal. Danny Lloyd McGoldrick is also still at the negotiating table as is Ex Stag Adam Smith who Holdsworth covets.  Having the brass to back that ambition is another matter however and the manager will reason that the money is better spent on two instead of the one.  One of those will be a big target man in due course, although a clear understanding of the lower leagues suggests there will be a few more through the door before Dave’s wheelin’ & dealin’ is complete.  He  will probably be blown out a few times too, but then again if you don’t buy the ticket you wont win the lottery.

Holdsworth is not of course desperate to spend everything. The club appears on track given the discount season tickets are just ahead of last year . The City wide plea for funds to help him build a team funded with a raffle for the right to rename Sincil Bank,  is also gaining momentum.  There could also be further player movement out.

At least Holdsworth looks to be a man who plans to at least give us a fighting chance next season.  That is something we have needed at Lincoln City for far too long now. If he can reverse the slide then the attendance upside and subsequent scope in the budget, could give us a sporting chance of making the play-offs.  Now that is something to reawaken the Imp in all of us. Has your company had a whip-round yet?  HERE

Now Bob thinks me may occasionally give him short shrift  on here. We do and some is deserved.  But we need to help lighten the load because he is still putting cash in as and when the club needs it. If 25 of you put in £2 or ten put in a fiver that would lighten the load and get our team moving back towards the football League. And hopefully your workplace will still be talking about the Imps when the season kicks off,  even if you don’t win the right to name the ground. Because you helped to put a team out.  A team that is starting to look as if it will have a go at doing our city proud.

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