Barnacles Of Botchulism

The Faithful are asking my word on the name change to the Stadium.  Well as you know, I was against moving the club from John O Gaunts to start with!

Seasons greetings from Chris P Bacon


Anyway, we aren’t here to talk about John O Gaunt, we are here to talk about the Imps.


If you ask me truly what the name of the new ground should be, it should be named after one of the best players to ever put on a Lincoln City shirt and be cheered on by the Faithful.  His name?  Ron Mediocre, an outside left who usually played inside right for the Imps in the 1930s.  Well I say played, he made one substitute appearance in a Reserve game in 1933 and played for about 55 seconds, but it was 55 seconds of magic.  Although he didn’t feel very well afterwards and never played again, he was pivotal in the club’s bottom placing in the Football League that year.  After leaving the Imps, he became a young offender and played for a Borstal XI for 3 years, and on leaving that establishment was in and out of HM pleasure for 40 years, before retiring to Rio De Janiero.


The Mediocre Stadium would be a great name to give to the club and will recognize a great Imp and footballer.  He will have my vote when I get my £50 in – and I’m sure he’ll have Mike’s vote too!

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