Barnacles Of Botchulism

Ten years ago to the day the Imps entered admin… well let Chris P Bacon put it in layman’s terms

Ten years ago today dear Faithful, the Imps went into administration.
From that point onwards I never put my clipboard down, so happy I was
that there was so much drama going on at Sincil Bank.  There hadn’t
been any drama here since the great ginger nut escapade of 1983, when
our master Gilbert Grape decided that we had to go to McVitees
biscuits instead of Kwik Save own brand.   There was a lot of calamity
in catering at Sincil Bank from that point onwards as we all enjoyed
our Kwik Save snacks and McVitees was just too posh a make for people
here to contend with!

Anyway, we aren’t here to talk about McVitees.  Sadly it seems that
the Imps are staying in the Premier, unless Hayes do us all a big
favour and win their last three games.  I’ll be a Hayes and Yeading
fan for a little bit longer then, although I’ll never dump on my
Mighty Imps.  Dare I say, I can’t do that!

The Imps travel to Fleetwood on Friday and as I said to the Chairman,
Lord Bob the other day, why bother to spend all that money to go to
someone who used to be in the charts with his waterproof coat, why not
just wire in the 3 points to the Conference straight away.  Think what
that money saved could buy – it would certainly give David Holdsworth
4 new players if we didn’t have to get a coach across like that!  Lord
Bob smiled and asked for another biscuit, and I made sure it was a
Tesco own brand!

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