Chris P Bacon’s Barnacles of Botchilism

Chris P Bacon’s update

Well that’s more like it Lincoln, I said to the Faithful today, with
the opponents getting that ball into the back of the onion bag.  I’ve
said before and I don’t want to debate with anybody, but the Premier
is not the league for the Mighty Imps.  It’s not that we don’t want to
be successful, but it’s far easier to manage a club that might go part
time next season then one at the top end of the fifth division.

Who wanted promotion in 1997/8?  Or 10 years before?  And Graham
Taylor, who wants record breaking runs?  What we want is the Board and
the Trust to continue doing the best thing that they have ever done
for the club and that’s take it into Leagues it’s never been in
before.  Indeed, success can be judged on Lincoln playing in the Blue
Square North  next season.  New adventures for the Mighty Imps and the
board’s judgement remains sound.

And thanks to Sir Dave, Lord Bob and the players, a brand new League
is set and ready for the Mighty Imps to play in next season.  Indeed
I’m already salivating into my clipboard at the delights of great
derbies against those huge teams Boston United and Gainsborough

Why not come along for the ride, dare I say?

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