Imps 4 Lambs 0 Imps Spring as Miller Grinds & Thomas cracks 2 Easter Egg OG’s

A well overdue Imps spring saw a serving of Lamb oh so tender and ripe for the taking.  Certainly both the Hayes & Yeading United and Tamworth Games have seen seen the Imps get the rub of the green to say the least.  Add to that the win over Newport and it is fair to say that we have a pattern forming, a pattern drawn perhaps by Tom Miller, sieving the flour amongst the blooming flowers,  as well as Joe Anyon, England’s no1.  But the fact is we are now a force to be reckoned with – big on aerial bombardment going forward with just 1 goal in three leaked at the back.

For the benefit of the visiting lambs, first the teams & schemes, then the match report and finally more stats than you can shake an Imp or lamb at. Thank you for reading Neil Gentleman-Hobbs 

The Teams & Schemes

Lincoln City F.C. badge.png
Lincoln City 4-4-2

1 Anyon

26 Robson 35 Miller 5 Gowling (Y-69) 3 Nutter

36 Sheridan 8 Power 34 Thompson 31 Bore

10 Louis 16 Pacquette

Substitutions 22 Taylor on for Pacquette H/T Loyd Bore on for Bore 85 Rodney on for Sheridan

Substitutes 21 Draper 17 Nicolau 18 Lloyd 32 Rodney 7 Taylor


Tamworth FC

1 Hedge

2 Tait 5 Francis 6 Oji (Y-81) 3 Habergham

11 Thomas 15 Nix 25 Baldock 19 Barrow

9 Taylor 24 C Collins

Substitutions: 31 McDonald on for Baldock H/T Patterson on for Taylor 66 Grayson on for Collins

Substitutes 17 Gudger 4 Courtney 26 Grayson 14 Patterson 12 McDonald

To the game footy fans to the game………
All hail the new god of Impdom, not Danny Lloyd, but Tom Miller, an aggressive athlete  with the throw of an Olympian, and a desire perhaps born not a Millstone’s throw from Hades itself.  He is a box-to-box centre back, with proper gusto,  steaming onto the spills of Nutters early free-kick to cast his man assunder. But alas his effort was cleared at the back post, whilst the ref blew for his foul at the near. But at least it had shaped a game until now far more about pace than purpose and end product.

The fury was temporarily denied but not quenched, as Tom drew his longbow  to hoist a javelin throw into the thick of things.  It was repelled but came back under his spell and  he sent Power down the channel to deliver a cross that Gowling flicked on. Louis, showing he is not just the physal presence that acts as a vent for the long game, cushioned to the onrushing Bore to score with an eight-yard point blank rapier through the Lambs’  hearts.

Tamworth’s Thomas – more from him later – fired wide at the right end but was unable to keep up with Pacquette on the counter at the other. Keeper Hedge was alert to the danger and hoofed clear.  There were a few tough challenges coming from both the Imps & the Lambs as both sides toe-to-toed at bayonet and boot distance in the midfield minefield. Power did Baldock, who needed treatment, whilst Pacquette was slowed down sufficiently for him to leave the field in exchange for Jamie Taylor an infectious sprite who will also not shirk a fight.

Miller as ever was taking no prisoners and threw his body on the line to block Connor Taylor. Tyrone Thompson was happy as a Lincolnshire pig in manure, having a typical game that see’s him subtly slay anything in the centre of the field.  He may have the heart of a lion but that’s Imp blood flowing from his brain and through his veins.

Enter Thomas, who would get half the goals and hog one third of the nine shots in a somewhat shot-shy game. Miller wound up his arms and launched an incoming into the penalty box. Even with McCammon missing we pose some physical presence at set-pieces, a one trick pony with a kick that cannot be countered by the BSP basement boys by the looks of things. Hedges, clearly borrowing the Hayes keepers Teflon gloves, missed comically and Thomas turned into his own net under pressure from Louis, Bore and more. The Lambs managed to defend three more corners from the Imps, Power to his credit takes a mean fizzing in-swinger, but it is so nice to see opposing defenders sweat and look fragile as an Imp- Miller who else – rose supreme. Alas Tom, the keepers are always out of bounds.

Two nil would do, although Newport and Hayes were both one up and Stockport two to the good at Kettering’s expense. darlington were giving themselves half a chance of staying up with a 1-2 lead at Telford, now back in the mix; but Bath were dead and buried losing two nil to leaders Fleetwood.

At half-time, Holdsworth gave the faithful what we had wanted from the off – Danny Lloyd-McGoldrick.  He would hardly get a touch all game although drama and excitement was quick to follow. Another Miller inbound saw Gowling head on and amidst the half-clearance the ensuing mayhem saw Collins cut our centre-back down in his prime. The Power did not falter, finding the net from the spot with a thumping penalty.

The Imps were dominant if not rampant as Taylor headed wide – our only shot off target according to the learned statisticians.  Oji, given far too much space at Tamworth’s first corner, headed over as we sat back,  although Gowling and Miller stuffed out anything from a silent lambs attack. That is of course should they breach Tyrone in his prime in the crisp sunshine. He did get a talking to from a thankfully open minded official for one crunching challenge but the game was won in the pre-Easter sun.

Taylor skipped round Hedge but was denied in timely fashion by Francis. Patterson had the Lambs third effort – all off target – of the game, which he sent well wide.  Sheridan was at least showing his ability today, better on the right you feel, although Danny Lloyd therefore saw none of the ball as we frustratingly invited them on. Thanks to Thomas any tiny lingering doubt was well and truly extinguished on 82 minutes. For once someone with vision looked for Danny Lloyd.  Power sent an inovative and  inviting 30 yard cross-field ball leftward and with the winger march haring for the enticing chance, Thomas cracked a second Easter OG passed the hapless Hedge.


Justly it would be the Imps gambolling at the Lambs expense, the earlier four nil drubbing repaid in full.  Two own goals and a penalty yes, but it was our trusty dusty Miller that sieved the flour as Holdsworth’s Imps bloomed. The Imp spring? Well there certainly seems to be an Imp uprising in the air. Will survival be pretty much confirmed at home to Cambridge United on Tuesday? Well if you lads can do their bit to keep us up on the pitch then just perhaps it will give us the chance to reshape the club off it. Together, with vision we can and will Save The Mighty Imps- head the Lincoln City Banter cause – Join the Trust.

Lincoln City F.C. badge.png  v Logo

Lincoln City 4 – 0 Tamworth (H/T 20)


Imps – Bore 7 Thomas-OG 29 & 82 Power Pen-48

Lambs –

Ref: K Evans Attendance 2213 ( 2070 Imps 143 Lambs)

Lincoln City F.C. badge.png  v Logo


Imps 51% Lambs 49%

Shots on target (inc Goals)

The Imps 5 Lambs 0

Shots off target

The Imps 1 Lambs 3


Anyon 0 Hedge 1


The Imps 8 Lambs 2


The Imps 3 Lambs 1


The Imps 8 Lambs 5


The Imps 1 Lambs 1

BSP Standings 31/3/12

Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1 down 1 Fleetwood Town 41 30 8 3 98 41 57 98
15 down 15 Alfreton Town 41 13 8 20 59 82 -23 47
16 No Change Tamworth 41 11 13 17 43 62 -19 46
17 down 17 Lincoln City 40 11 9 20 46 56 -10 42
18 down 18 AFC Telford United 41 9 14 18 42 59 -17 41
19 down 19 Stockport County 41 9 14 18 48 70 -22 41
20 down 20 Newport County 38 9 11 18 46 56 -10 38
21 down 4 Hayes & Yeading 41 10 7 24 53 81 -28 37
22 down 22 Darlington * 40 10 10 20 42 63 -21 30
23 down 17 Kettering Town * 41 8 8 25 37 85 -48 29
24 down 24 Bath City 41 5 9 27 35 81 -46 24

Darlington deducted 10 points for entering administration
Kettering Town deducted 3 points for breaching league rules

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