Chris P Bacon – Barnacles Of Botchilism

Hello and welcome to another column, in which I tell you, the Faithful,
what to think.

Dare I say I hope my Lionel Ritchie impression on the wireless went
down well, it certainly did with my mum!  So much better than that Del
Boy wannabee who was on before me.  Couldn’t understand a word of that
Cockney patter.  But I dye cress, which is a hobby I do a great deal
in the off season!

The protest didn’t really work today did it?  About 300 people, so
only really 0.001% of the Imps Faithful.  Not really stirring, I was
more stirred when Sir Bob made the tea in the Executive Box earlier!
We even got some very nice biscuits over there too, supplied by his
Lordship from the Trust!

On to Mighty Imp matters.  Given the closure of the St Andrews Stand
today, we are about to launch a brand new fan initiative, called the
Smiley Young Capable Original People Having ‘Appiness in the New
Terrace Society.  I think this club needs more people like this and it
will stop these silly demonstrations going on, honestly we didn’t know
where to look.  Where did these people come from and do they really
follow the Mighty Imps?  They don’t look like the clean people we get
on the coaches.  We need the Faithful to follow us blindly and
optimistically, call it a religion if you like!  Anyway, we aren’t
here to talk about Coaches, we are here to talk about the Mighty Imps.

A great result today from the dynamic duo of Holdsworth and Sir Bob,
KGCB and dare I say that may mean that the club manages to stay in the
Premier League for another season.  In fact given the result David
Holdsworth should be given the freedom of Lincoln!
Seems like I’ll have to put that atlas away sadly to find places like
Eastwood or Gainsborough.  Never mind, I’m sure we will be going there
sometime in the future.

Till the next time, the Imps are staying up!

Chris P Bacon

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