St Patricks Day Barnacle of Botchulism

I was in my bath the other day thinking about the Faithful going down
to Bath the day afterwards and I thought it was funny that I thought
the same things at once.  Anyway, we aren’t here to talk about my
bath, or about Bath, we are here to talk about the Mighty Imps, going
to Bath tomorrow.

Although the Imps are just three points outside the zone to play in a
brand new League next season, the prestigious Blue Square North, I
think it’s only right to reflect on how well the club board have
worked to get the Mighty Imps into the Premier League after all those
years in the Football League.  They’ve done very well, as Young Mr
Grace might say, and all deserve a great pat on the back for it.
After all, the Faithful have been crying out for Premier League
football at Sincil Bank for years and now truly, dare I say, we have
got it!  Although we never expected to do well in the Premier League,
I don’t see any harm in the Mighty Imps dropping into the Blue Square
North, because who knows, in a few years time, the Imps might get back
into the Premier, or perhaps move into another Premier League, namely
the Unibond.  I hope we don’t get stuck there though for too long, a
few years perhaps.  A little joke for the Faithful there!  Anyway I
think Premier League football is too much for the Imps and probably
too high a level for them – if only they brought the Vauxhall
Conference back, we might win it then like we did in 1988!

Anyway I’ve got to get ready for the Mighty Imps going to Bath
tomorrow.  Here’s hoping the biscuits are high quality, sometimes at
these Premier League clubs we only get Tesco own brand ones which
don’t sit on the palate very well.  I might bring my own Lincoln
biscuits with me instead, but I don’t know if they do a brand with
custard on them.  Anyway we aren’t here to talk about biscuits, we are
here to talk about the Mighty Imps!

Onwards and upwards, not backwards and downwards!

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