How was it for you?

Andrew Abbott reflects on the Lincoln City v AFC Telford match.



Driving home on Saturday afternoon there were some very mixed messages coming out of BBC Lincolnshire’s after match coverage of Lincoln City’s game against AFC Telford including some fans who thought it was a good performance. Obviously football watching is a subjective experience, one fans good performance is another’s rubbish and a case in point would be Louis Almond who looked to this untutored eye a fair prospect, finishing apart. Others along the row thought otherwise.


This brings us to Mr Kyle Perry, subject to some rather unnecessary barracking from home fans; he is still our man at least for the moment. Kyle, again it’s a personal view, demonstrated why somebody thought he was worth signing in a show full of effort, industry and of course a goal as well. He did rather make the mistake of celebrating fully in front of the Stacey West regulars when perhaps one of those full of remorse, sorry but I am a striker, don’t congratulate me, I had to do it type reactions that we see from time to time might have been more appropriate. The question is why didn’t we see more of this from the striker before?


David Holdsworth will no doubt say that is the reason he is out on loan and there would seem to be really no way back for Perry atLincolnwhich begs the question, is it really necessary to clear out virtually all the players from the previous regime? Before you ask, yes, Gowling and Anyon are still with us although in this correspondent’s view that is not for the want of trying in Anyons case. Yet again we have a plethora of new faces to get used to. Are we better as a result of these changes? Well, City sit five points away from the drop zone and it is all starting to look a bit like last season, relative calm and a sort of a gap but this  is not going to get any wider with any more performances like the one we saw at Sincil Bank on Saturday.


Talking of Saturday, we had the highly unusual situation of each side having a player on loan from the other actually playing in the game. Presumably, no names no pack drill, somebody thought the likelihood of Perry putting in a decent performance and scoring a goal was negligible when balanced against the advantage of having Williams in defence. 2000 City fans no doubt feared otherwise. As it happens Williams had a mare whilst, in this writers view, Perry put in a man of the match performance. What a surprise! A player with a point to prove who is looking for a contract busts a gut (no slight intended) in front of fans who are giving him a hard time. At least some of those fans were big enough to give Perry the reception his performance deserved when he went off shortly before the end but in terms of management ofLincolnCitythings are not going to get any better whilst debacles of this type are presided over. City’s position is far from secure despite the managers assured interview persona. The way things feel at the moment it may not only be Kyle Perry who has no future at Lincoln.


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