Play Em Again For Some Mansfield Revenge Dave!

Testing times as ever at Lincoln City, ahead of the trip to Mansfield Town, for Impdon latterly has become  a place where any chance of consistency always seems to be washed away with a huge dose of prune juice.  Be brave Dave, because despite the result against AFC Telford and, irrespective of the result in this one,  manager David ‘Reg’ Holdsworth must stick with the side and formation that he put out on Saturday, at least for another game or two. If not we could well and truly follow through with the business end of the season gathering momentum.

Vic Erzantarz, keyboard warrior and Rose tinted specs fashionista, bottle of Boston  moonshine in hand reflects through a half blind haze…..

Like many Imps, your Uncle Vic is still sitting on the fence over Reg – the groove now so deep you could park a bike in it. It matches my all bought and paid for beer belly sponsored by Kyle Perry and when I bend down to pick up a sixpack  it is just the ticket to quench my never ending thirst ahead of a visit to the Stags. Remember drink responsibly because ale will never fail.  If necessity  is the mother of invention then Hops, hang overs apart, is the heavenly hatcher of hope.  Who here feels they can do anything after a few pints?


But back to the Stags, (certainly sounds promisingly publike) who will be welcoming David Holdsworth with open arms if the unprintable comments on STMI in the past are anything to go by.  Clearly  ‘no love lost’  on a par with the Imps fans faith in our supporters Trust after its recent furtive track record.  As Bob Dylan once wrote – Clowns to the left of me jokers to the right, here I am stuck in the middle with you – whilst of course the Trust minus its treasurer and our shares, gifted by the late John Reames,  now quaff the prawns in the few lifeboats now docked at the investor friendly holding company.

Now when it comes to chopping and changing both sets of fans will agree DH is king, having bought and sold more players than the  bully behind the bikeshed in my old school playground. He did not just charge for the fags either – a light was another 5p.   How like our modern society is that then as all your bills seem to gang up at once with all the cronies in a captive market calling the tune?

Please,please, please Reg, stick with the side you put out on Saturday. Ok we only scored with the help of a bloke called OG –  he was a busy lad appearing on score sheets up and down the land again yesterday (don’t sign him or his family this week please) – but on another day we would have banged in 3 or 4.  Even if we draw or lose yet another derby this is the side that can beat Alfreton, Bath, Newport and Hayes once they get to know each others names and games.

Pacquette and Louis are family and were unlucky not to get a couple apiece. Peter Bore, with what looks like fitness issues,  will get better by the game.  If he supports Robson  and gives him the chance to get forward that’s another ace judging by Saturday.  Almond could not hit a barn door with a four by four but his quality means his impersonations of a 6 nations kicker were a one off.

The thing for me on Saturday, 2 points dropped and the mother of all hangovers apart, is that we were always up for charge and a shot. If you don’t buy the ticket you can’t strike lucky on the lottery can you?  Yes we may be a bit short on quality but at least the 2300 Imps have a reason to go back.  The side has fight, now give it the chance to build a team spirit that can compete in a League that is the pinnacle of pub football personified. Portly Kyle Perry is typical bless him of the heroes and villains at this level of football.

This season to adapt and learn, then next season to bounce back into the league. If not that Holding company might well have to rethink its raison d’etre. Because the Mighty Imps are an institution that is better than this.  The custodians of the club have let us down and no mistake – our birthright is to be back in the League and pushing on.

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