AA: Imps in Saturday home game shocker.

Andrew Abbott reflects on the week in Impdom


The lack of Saturday home games has been explored at length in this blog previously and today Lincoln City embark upon a Saturday home league game for the first time since 7 January. There was an FA Trophy game since but the mind has a benign way of blotting out horrific memories. What with the fixture allocation and the weather you get the feeling that somebody up there doesn’t like us but of course we don’t need outside influences to bring misfortune on us, we’re quite capable of doing that for ourselves.


City stumble on, still smarting from that late late goal from nemesis, Steve Guinan and the loss of Conal Platt, accidentally injured in a behind close doors friendly in the week. Some friendly although no one at Sincil Bank is pointing the finger at the Doncaster Rovers player involved and the news on Platt is better than feared although a lengthy lay off will still be involved.


Todays game is a chance for City to put a points difference between themselves and AFC Telford, this weekend’s opponents, but not a rise up the table by much, Newport are a point ahead of the Imps but Tamworth are six points away. The snowdrops are out and the end of the season is not that far away so even more reason to try to get the home form on some sort of track. After a decent-ish sort of record previously, home form has taken a depressingly familiar look of late. Telford are iffy to say the least on the road so David Holdsworth will be looking to give us something to cheer about. The fans will certainly be looking for some of the determination of the last home game but just one point will not send the supporters home with much of a glow.


City and Telford each go into the game in the curious position of having one of the opposition’s players in their ranks. That each player has been allowed to play in the match ought to let those players know their likelihood of getting a new contract ie no chance at all and indeed Robbie Williams was in yesterdays online edition of the Echo saying how much he would like to sign for the Imps and if a contract was offered by the club he would certainly be likely to take that.


Kyle Perry is of course City’s misfit, now rejected by David Holdsworth for a second time so he really must be aware that his future lies elsewhere, maybe as a vocalist, most Imps fans will be aware that the big striker fancies his chances behind the microphone. City and their supporters will hope everyone will be singing off the same song sheet and moving up through the charts and that really is enough of the terrible musical jokes for now.



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