70 Year Old Lincoln Fan Unable to Attend Trust AGM

The days of freethinking and alternative opinions continue to be numbered at anything but Community Club Lincoln City as the Supporters Trust again cave in to the whims of what many fear is a ‘Cabal’ – including ex Chris Travers who went public on BBC radio Lincolnshire last week.

Keith Roe, has been painted as many things, by a select few in and around LCFC, since he and Ray Trew, now lavishing his wealth at Notts County of course; attempted to steer our ever faltering club.   Belittled on message boards and denied the chance to even watch his lifelong love due to an incredulous ban from the Bank he will now be unable to attend the Lincoln City Supporters Trust in the Trust Suite.

His crime? Keith has just asked questions of those entrusted with our club, who now peer down at us from behind those ivory towered walls chez Lincoln City Holdings Limited. Guarded by legal mercenaries who cross the I’s and dot the T’s the pen is indeed now mightier than the sword.  Long gone are the days when our Supporters Trust truly stood up for those who marched to save our club.

We fans, young or old do not have a say do we? If only our elected champion and board member David Beck would help.

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