Is Bob Dorrian The Sincil Saviour?

Bob Dorrian is a self confessed fan of the Imps, has been for 55 years.  Even his staunchest critics cannot deny that he has made decisions from the heart – perhaps even when they have  been costly or wrong ones.  Born and bred just 200 Yards from the Bank,  he heard the calling at 7 and, although there is no doubting his commitment to the club despite being almost lumbered with the Chairmanship; no one can deny that his money has not kept us alive since the Autumn.

Bob Dorrian

So surely Bob’s omni-benevolent motives outweigh all else, as we await the plan that will save the day on Monday?  He is after all an affable guy, who certainly seems to mean well,  but there are a couple of nagging doubts he must answer before we hoist up the Lincoln flag, so to speak.

Lincoln City F.C. badge.png

The  biggest question mark clearly comes courtesy of the need for a Holding Company as part of the plan. Will Lincoln City Holdings  mean we have lost the ownership of Sincil Bank, valued at millions, in exchange for the short term need for £500,000 to plug our obligations. Indeed if the figure does not comprise free funds for team building, what or who’s purpose does it really serve?

Lincoln City F.C. badge.png

Let us hope that Monday’s announcement will also confirm that the half a million pounds investment will be all new money. Understandably, Bob has a £125,000 unsecured loan (as does a substantially less exposed Chris Travers) that needs to be accommodated in the sums somewhere along the line. Let us hope this is not converted into share capital as part of this ‘way forward’. If it is that would be a real shame given it would be a quarter of the sum that has seen the need for a creation of a holding company to cover the clubs current liabilities.

Lincoln City F.C. badge.png

Liabilities  that, according to the Chairman on BBC Radio Lincolnshire, would have seen things come to a head in mid-February.  No one can argue that, but a ‘short term needs must step’  from a board with a consistently unsuccessful track record, will understandably raise a few eyebrows until we know exactly what is going on.

For now, ahead of our weekly football day,  the club PR machine will continue to build the momentum towards the Monday press conference.  We can even have a Q & A with Bob  to possibly answer most of those nagging suspicions. But in truth the only thing the remaining faithful really care about is a decent team. No one is expecting us to win every week, but surely someone born so close to Sincil Bank must realise that funds for the team are key.

Lincoln City F.C. badge.png

Club and Trust spokesmen suggested the funding is earmarked for behind the scenes. That means little to us fans even if it should and precious less to a club that can ill-afford further on-field decline.  Although supporters at a community should know and care a lot more for the minutiae that is really going on, its the team we love.  That is why there has not been an outcry that we have been kept in the dark surely?

Lincoln City F.C. badge.png

Let’s face it the last thing we need is a Trojan horse story after what we have been through. After all that is what the directors, builders and developers are being  entrusted with as custodians of the Mighty Imps,  now a defenceless local institution. And that is what it boils down to as we endeavour to keep the faith, because bottom line – In Bob We Must Trust


Lincoln City F.C. badge.png


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