Christmas Crackers: Peterborough UTD 1 Imps 2 And 2300 Santa Imps saw it

Just before we get into this the second of the 3 Christmas Derby Kings , a quick pause please Imps for 2 ex Peterbough United, but forever Imps, Keith Alexander and Richard Butcher who both figured in this one. Thoughts to their families and Gary Simpson the Macclesfield Town manager who was up at the Cathedral on Monday, lighting a candle,  laying a wreath and paying his dues to a mentor and a mate.

Amoo! Amoo! Amoos on fire –Posh 1 Imps 2 A view from the Moyes Terrace (23/12/06)

Deehan & Schofield’s master plan to replace suspended Frecktanian, the doyen of the Imps four midfield musketeers, with oft-called lightweight Ryan ‘Jade Goody tamer’ Amooooooooooo acting as the central fulcrum for a change, worked a treat.  A faltering 4-4-2 became  4-3-3 as we went atPeterboroughex Imps KA, Simmo et al in their own back yard  full of festive glee. The message that ‘The Imps are going up’ must have carried down every Chimney in Cambridgeshire. Such was the cacophony of noise bellowed from the Moyes Terrace by 2000 of the 2,323 jubilant SantaImps.

First the Teams & schemes

Posh 4-4-2


Holden Branston Arber Morgan

Newton Smith Butcher (RIP) Gain

McLean Yeo

Substitutions: Huke (Y) Replaced Newton, 78 Benjamin Replaced Branston, 87 Day Replaced Smith

Substitutes:  Opara, Stirling,  Day, Benjamin, Huke

The Mighty Imps 4-3-3


Eaden  Morgan Brown (Y) Beevers (Y)

Kerr Amoo Nicholson

Forrester (Y) Stallard Gritton

Substitutions: 61 Hughes Replaced Gritton  On 76 Moses replaced kerr

Substitutes:  Rayner, Birley, Mettam, Moses, Hughes

To the game fellow footy fans to the game…………..

The Imps have now dominated their last four games and just perhaps they got all their bad luck in that farce at Chester.  Let us hope – and feel free to write a letter to Santa if you wish –  the luck that has eluded them since the kiss of death Manager of the Month award for October, has still not returned.  Boston be warned this was hard fought, and a Monster monster win for the Pride of Lincolnshire!

A battle of the Somme style whipping, saw Santa Imps and beautiful football, rise from the trenches and burst through Keith’s new troops after an early heavy bombardment,  to fight for the right to play poetic passing fuotball, thanks to the mincemeat sweet feet of the one they call Ryan Amoo, a lover not a fighter.  Perhaps it was the cacophonous carols ringing from the Santa Imps that saw a Posh wimper at the beginning of the second half as the evenly balanced match swung the Imps was again and for good once the away following had sucked the winner home. They battled hard, tried to out muscle us, but the Doorman’s first 11 with guest appearances from ex Imps including Simon Yeo, had to concede the football team won. Keith will continually try to prove a point to us that his teams can play football, but rest assured Posh fans you’ll be back to route one on Tuesday. We Imps meanwhile seem sublimely blessed by Schofields vision of the beautiful game.  Hard hats chaps it’s an incoming from Sterling!
Mazza did his bit, again looking to throw to start moves. Nicholson put in his sharpest dentures to chew upMcLean. But Beavers, Brown and terrier Kerr were huge and always at the centre of the battle with the giants. And then Amoo grew too ; confident he could carry the mantle of the suspended Freck. A quarter of this passionate end-to-end advert for League two football had flown by. Then halleluiah Gritton won the ball. Better still the Christmas fairy turned him into Grittonia,Lincolns new advanced midfield playmaker. A superb flick that none of us thought he possssed and Lee Beevers was away. He played the ball to Forrester who dummied and Goal as  Amoo finished things off by slotting home from 15 yards with aplomb.

It was like a Santa’s knees up, after the Shopping centre closes Christmas Eve, for the travelling 2323 Imps as the Moyes terrace shook from roof to rafters. The raucous red and white army then asked Mr Yeo, until now forlornly & furtively furrowing on the wing, “Prey  Simon Simon whats the score?”  He obliged although, perhaps in error, he gave the impression it was two, judging by the hand signal.

Oh no ho ho!  The Posh scored completely against the run of play. They took us by surprise, electing for a change, to play the ball along the ground for; you’ve guessed it Peter Gain. That’s you off the Christmas card list then Gainy! After an early onslaught in the second half they were outfoxed though. Yo ho ho here’s Hughesie. The flowing total football arrived atLondon Road as the Imps came at the travelling Santa hordes on The Moyes Terrace,  sending the hip flask alcohol and adrenalin coursing through the veins of every living Imp. One aim, one voice and one passion.  Nicholson centred, Stallard flicked on and Amooooo controlled and drilled home a straight lace beauty oh so full of grace for his brace. Two goals and a virtuoso performance by a prancing, passing prince as rampant Ryan ran the show… Amoo, Amoo, Amoo’s on Fire rang round the ground and all the way up theLondon Road to Impdom.

This team can do it. They’ve had their wobble, taken the flack on and off the pitch. Then gone quietly, but with some style, about their business. Oh Yeo! Oh Yeo! The gospel according to the two Johns is getting through and spreading like wild fire. Role up, Role up the entertainers are in town. The certainly did at Posh with 8,405 by far their best crowd of the season, in Christmas week as well. KA had put an edge on this one by stating that all was greener at the Posh Paradise. WellLincoln’s huge banks of fantastic fans laughed last, loudest and longest in this one. Damnbusters saw Imps flying freely in the Moyes.  It was laugh out loud atLondon Road –  E-I-E-I-E-I-O Up the football league we go and all  firm favourites and christmas carols & old chestnuts – and then the heavenly final whistle greeted by a roar that would have lifted the roof off of any of the big terraces of old. Yeo Yeo what’s the score boomed across at the deserted home sections as the team came over for the encore.  Simon sportingly clapped up too suggesting some unfinished business back in Impdom some time in the future perhaps.

Bring on the Boston and a brilliant Boxing Day at the Bank? Mmmm Sincil Salivates……….

Match Facts & Stats

Peterborough United 1 Lincoln City 2 (H/T 11)


Posh Gain 42

Imps  Amoo 23 & 72

Ref: Lee Att 8,405 (2323 IMPS)


Posh 49% Imps 51%

Shots on target

Posh  2 Imps 10

Shots off target

Posh 9 Imps 5


Posh 4 Imps 1


Posh  5 Imps 5


Posh 4 Imps 5


Posh 7 Imps 12


Posh 1 Imps 3

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