Holdsworth Clearly Aware of the Trials Of Impdom

Although David Holdsworth was pleased with the overall commitment of the players, he accepted we did not win enough personal battles. Fitness again played its part but goals early in each half left us too much to do against a side of York’s calibre.

He  praised the fans for our turnout and support and clearly realises the importance of the role we play in the clubs future.  DH appears ever mindful of the need for quality at the club at a time when financial constraints are at their most acute.

To his credit he always comes across as an urbane, upbeat realist; but off the back of an anticipated reverse to rivals,  it was heartwarming to hear that he plans to move out a couple in order to bring in a couple in the winter window.  The East Londoner you feel will always have a plan B or C up his sleeve as has been evident with his early teams and schemes.

DH needs to be, for he is entrusted with perhaps the clubs very salvation from the abyss. The offer from The Echo to fund the players room and board ahead of Newport on Saturday shows that to thrive,  we must first call in some favours to  survive.  At long last – and not before time – the Imps must face up to the cause and effect of the economics of football.   That means draconian cuts on and off the field, with the highest savings to be made by freeing up pegs in the changing room.  That bit of quality is missing, as the manager rightly says and we need to either hire it or hone it double quick if we are to achieve the much needed turnstile clicks fix on the quick.

Off-field cuts and fundraising efforts are all well and good, but it is the product on the pitch that will ultimately decide whether we will sink or swim.  In an entertainment business only that can put Sincil Bank back in the black.

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